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Just 10-20 minutes a day and for many it's worked when all else has failed!!

If you have any questions or would like to talk with one of us personally, please call:

1-800-737-9295 ext.12
or 1-251-653-9258

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

©Attributed to
Thomas Edison

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Welcome to the Sacro Wedgy Home Page--your first step towards a healthy over-all balance. Try something simple first. It may be all you need. Only $33.95!! Relax your back pain away by Ordering yours today (we personally answer calls during business hours).
1-800-737-9295 or 1-251-653-9258 .

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I originally purchased the female version by mistake and, as such, didn't use it. I found it recently and, following a bit of online research, decided to try the wedgy. I followed the instructions and, after 4 weeks regular use, I have a 30% improvement in my back problem - nothing else seemed to work previous to my using the product. Today, I received the male version, and I can only assume that the improvement will continue.A big thank you to the developer of the sacrowedgy. I'll post an update soon.
liam littlewood 4/28/2020
I am sitting without pain for the first time in 6 months ago! Doctors I've seen: orthopedic, colon (coccydynia injection), primary dr., pain specialist (gaglion lumbar injection, piriformis injection, bursa injection), gynecologist & neurologist. What has helped me the most - a fantastic physical therapist who was impressed when I brought in the Sacro Wedgy. My physical therapist helped me with the appropriate placement of the Sacro Wedgy, but anyone could figure it out - I just wanted to make sure I was using it correctly. She also said the stretches and strengthening exercises presented in the pamphlet would be helpful. I bought the Sacro Wedgy because when I went to her she used Coach Meares' technique involving placing her hand under my sacrum and holding it to relieve pressure. I also bought the neck roll & 3/4' foam. I have only completed 2 - 20 minutes sessions of relaxing with the Sacro Wedgy and pillow. Also, I use it in my car and while I am sitting at work. I SAT AT WORK TODAY!!!! Whoa, haven't done that in a long time!!! People in my workplace were talking about how bad I looked and wanted to know what was wrong with me. I was in pain constantly. Pain takes a lot out of you! Now I'm giving away my doughnut cushion and my other two cushions I purchased for coccydynia/piriformus. My chair at the kitchen table used to be a high rise porto-potty! Don't hesitate to buy this product! I plan on purchasing the silver cover for it, so it won't become distorted in my car when it is hot out. My physical therapist said it would be worth purchasing the Still Point Inducer. I'm so happy I could cry! I cried from pain for the past 6 months, so I welcome the happy tears!!!! Thank you Coach Meares and B & B Marketing, LLC for offering this product!
RB 6/16/2017
Just to say thanks for the product and information.
I purchased a SacroWedgy many years ago only on intuition. I was beginning to golf at the time and had the naivet not to know that there are more bad golf instructors out there than there are good ones.
I tried the SacroWedgy a few times but, again, ignorance kept me from capitalizing on the benefits (though instructions were fine) and just threw the Wedgy in the drawer and forgot about it.
Fast forward to an accomplished swing, and a dedicated weight training lifestyle (not excessive), and a true appreciation of the stabilizing muscles involved in a relaxed core / pain free lower back.
But even with this going for me I can push myself too hard at times being very active with both range practice and the gym without enough recovery time.
Out of desperation one night I retrieved the SacroWedgy out of the drawer it had been in all this time and just suffered though the array of changing pain as each muscle slowly began to release tension, and crawled back into bed.
The next day I woke up with new hips & back. I’ve since been using the SacroWedgy regularly even though it sometimes feels as though there’s nothing to relax. But I ‘get it’ now.
Recently I pulled the included instructions out of my files and noticed a supplemental piece of paper addressing the golf swing. At the bottom of the page it shows Illustration #3 - A“ level rotation does not cause ‘golfers back“.
This important statement (though it depends on many other factors of course) is something the vast majority of hackers simply do not understand nor do they know how to even go about rotating the lower body to achieve a more level belt line. To read this I laughed out loud that such an important fundamental was pointed out in a back maintenance product manual and that I most likely glazed over this key only to spend years figuring out the golf swing to arrive at this myself. Its not just a ‘safe’ way to swing a club its THE way for both power & control.
I will be recommending your product to whomever I feel is in need.
phill 9/13/2016
20+ years & STILL PAIN FREE! Sacro Wedgy literally CURED me, as well as many of my former FedEx employees!

These people (The Inventors) are MY SAVIORS, & I LOVE THEM! :)
John Raad 3/14/2016
After reading the reviews, I decided to try this out and I'm so glad I did!! I've suffer with sciatica and piriformis syndrome on and off for years and this is the first product I've found that actually worked!! Now to be perfectly honest, I expected it to work the first time I tried it but it didn't. So I continued to use it and by the 3rd day, I noticed a huge improvement. By day 4 my pain was gone. I was so surprised!! So don't give up after the first try. You will be pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend.
Chris H. 12/3/2015
For Cindy, my Alabama Angel, and Sacro Wedgy (Sacred Wedgy), my light at the end of a dark tunnel:
Being led to you was the result of a true spiritual epiphany, i.e., a voice deep inside assured me that my body really could heal itself and that I would -- once and for all -- find the way. I believe that everyone at some level knows that self-healing is possible but discovering the key to make it happen often seems virtually impossible. Indeed, I felt blessed when Google guided me to Sacro Wedgy. Prior to reading about the Wedgy and talking to Cindy I had almost given up hope of ever again sitting, standing, sleeping or especially walking with ease. Negative thoughts began to skip through my mind like ‘how nice it would be to suddenly be struck by lightning’. That’s how desperate I felt at times because of pelvic rotation from an S.I. joint injury coupled with relentless psoas muscle inflammation and associated radiating pain. Eight months have passed since I began diligently using my Sacro Wedgy and I am so excited to be exiting that long, dark tunnel.
There were times at the beginning when I would get discouraged but, if not for the gentle coaching from Cindy, I may have given up. Cindy never gave up on me. She talked me through exercises specific to my needs for the day, and often those needs would change from day to day. Cindy is the most caring and patient health professional on the planet. I call her my Alabama Angel and I’ll bet lots of other people do too.
Previous to November 2014, which is when I received my Sacro Wedgy, I had spent the better part of two years feeling like my psoas muscle weighed 300 pounds – I am 5’2” tall and weigh about 110 lbs. It had become thoroughly exhausting just carrying myself around! Therapies such as P.T., O.T., MFR, TENS, acupuncture and even steroid injections had become not just a way of life . . . they had become my life.
In an instant my life story turned into a drama. On September 16th 2012 I literally “hit the ground running”. Actually, I was power walking, jammed my foot into a deflected sidewalk and came down hard on cement. After falling forward and breaking my right wrist in 5 places, tearing part of a rotator cup in my right shoulder and sustaining a severe whiplash in my neck, I catapulted back and landed on my right hip. Of all those injuries, including surgery with screws and cement in my wrist, the most debilitating one was instability of my S.I. joint accompanied by bursitis in my right hip and unbearable compensatory pain in my left psoas muscle.
The Sacro Wedgy and Cindy (Saint Cindy), I admit, have become my best friends --The Wedgy, my constant companion. It’s small enough to carry in a purse or briefcase. I can now drive, go to the movies, have dinner, watch T.V. and even sleep with it in comfort. These simple activities had become very challenging and often impossible. Simple stuff I used to take for granted I appreciate so much now that they have returned in my life. Stuff like taking long walks with my husband again . . . when it had become difficult to walk to the front door or up the stairs to our bedroom. Another simple but favorite past time used to be cooking together. And we are back at it. I can now stand long enough to actually cook a meal by myself if necessary but I still prefer for him to do the chopping.
I am not looking to climb a mountain any time soon, but I can climb up stairs with greater ease. I may even take over laundry detail with facilities located in the basement. It’s so thrilling to be able to make a plan to meet with friends without fear of having to cancel due to pain at the last minute.
Because of occasional flair-ups there have been times during the last two years where I have had to accelerate the usage of the Wedgy and its cousins, i.e., Neck Support, Sacral Stabilizer Hip Belt and Still Point Inducer. But, it’s so comforting to know that I can fix it without outside intervention except maybe a call to Cindy. Talk about customer service!
The best “thank you” I can give Sacro Wedgy for giving me an active life back is for my testimonial to reach someone else in similar pain and inspire them to do the same. It is so worth the effort.
Chaz Nieponski July 18, 2015
Chaz Nieponski 9/15/2015
I have only used the Sacrowedgy twice and I can't believe the results! As a massage therapist working on my feet all day this device has been a wonderful self care tool. I can't wait to try it out with my clients. Thanks Sacrowedgy for returning restful sleep without pain.
Stephanie 7/11/2015
I have personally met the man the invented this product and am a believer in him and his invention... My cousin and aunt introduced me to him about 12 years ago.. he has personally showed me how to use the device and I ve helped others with what he s taught me... He doesn t want recognition for this and he is always willing to help anyone...What a blessing he has been to me and SEVERAL members of my family.

I m finally ordering the belt he told me to get several years ago....sorry coach...I m such a procastinator... LOL
Teresa 4/3/2015
I have used the Sacrowedgy off and on for 25 years. It is the best thing I have ever done for sciatica pain. Lately I have had knee pain, which I haven't had before. All of a sudden I thought about the Scrowedgy. I pulled it out of the freezer where it had been lying unused for a long time. I now use it daily as a preventative. It is also helping for my unbalanced hips. Thank you Sacrowedgy.
Hildy DeVries 3/3/2015
I have had low back pain for about 7 years. Constant, chronic. I have had 4 epidurals and was diagnosed this summer with a healing compression fracture. I am an RN and frankly have relied on prescription and over the counter medications and a TENS unit for years just to get through my day. My dad bought a sacrowedgy several months ago and went on and on about how it was helping him. He tends to order a lot of quick fix and next new things of the internet so I didnt pay much attention to him. I wish I had. I began to do my own research and the sacrowedgy was so well reviewed and so inexpensive I figured I had nothing to lose. Yesterday I borrowed my Dads to use until mine arrives. I took it home, laid on it for 20 minutes and when I stood up I literally felt like I was standing up straight for the first time since I cant remember when. I have used it 3 times total. I am currently at work and have not taken 1 medication for my back today. The first time in years. Im in complete disbelief that that little thing has in 60 minutes what many doctors, treatments, medication hasnt been able to do. If you suffer from low back pain I am telling you to give this a try. I have told everyone I know about the Sacrowedgy and they are already getting sick of me.. =) Four of my coworkers purchased one today, they know how much I deal with back pain and that I dont go around raving about things like I ahve the Sacrowedgy. Its like having a piece of glass in your foot for 7 years and all of a sudden its just gone. Its damn near a miracle. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
Tina Berry 11/3/2014
I want to you to know the sacrowedgy has changed my life!

I have spent the last 13 years and thousands of dollars going from doctor to doctor trying to fix my neck. Your device has done what nobody else could do. I feel perfectly aligned after using the Sacrowedgy - I have no pain in my neck, my hips, my low back, my muscles are all loose and comfortable. Thank you so much for developing this product.

The only request I have is that when you retire and hand this company to someone else, I hope it will be a trusted family member of yours with the agreement that nothing in the product design can change. Its perfect the way it is.

I also want to share how I made the product work for me. I have had bad fibromyalgia for 13 years, so the trick for getting my muscles loosened up and able to relax for at least 20 minutes while on the Sacrowedgy and neck rest was to use the devices after my daily 25 minute walk. This way all the affected muscles and the sacrum are loosened up and warm. I've tried using the devices after getting up in the morning and did not have the same effect.
Email from 4/22/2014
I have suffered for three years with lower back pain and a left leg that won't function properly after 15 minutes or so of exercise or walking. I have used the sacro wedge for a week now and my back pain has almost vanished and my leg is almost back to its normal self. I can't wait to see how I improve in the next 3 weeks. I completely agree with everyone that says this product is a life saver. I am just so sorry I have spent so much money on Doctors for the last three years. If only I knew about the SC 3 years ago. Thanks so much for this product. Steven Barrett 14/01/2014
Steven 1/14/2014
I am a retired registered nurse who worked on the sports medicine floor at Stanford university medical center. I have a very flexible sacro iliac joint and have been seen at Health South in Birmingham to validate this. When the SI joint goes out it is exceedingly painful.

When I get the SI joint back on place I wear the sacro belt and it prevents a recurrence. I wear it night and day as needed. Many I know get injections of steroids. With this belt I can avoid all medication. I have just ordered two for spares as I do a lot to traveling and would hate to be caught without this belt.

Better by far than other belts I've tried.
Jacqui 1/13/2014
I have been using the Sacro Wedgy for over 12 years and am an absolute believer in its benefits. It has relieved my piriformis leg pain from walking and has allowed me to continue my exercise. While I always sit on it while driving, I didn't think I needed the laying down sessions any more. But for the last year or so, I had developed chronic, non-descript pain going down my lower leg below my knee, especially after walking. It got so bad that I had to cut my walks short. I thought it was something in my knee, but one day I recognized the old sciatic pain also. So I laid down on the Sacro Wedgy and afterwards was immediately better. Now I am including a 15-20 minute Sacro Wedgy session after each walk and the knee pain is greatly reduced and I am able to get my mileage back up again. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!
Elizabeth Main 12/2/2013
I want to thank you for this life saving product!! I injured by back about a year ago and suffered day and night. I tried, four steroid injections, two SI Joint injections, inversion table, massage, therapy and acupuncture. None of them worked. I thought life as I knew it as a healthy 37 year old mom of four was over. I was independent and took care of everything myself. Now, I was disabled and had intense pain daily. I came across your product while doing research for lower back pain, trying to avoid surgery. I used it for two weeks and started to notice my pain was becoming less and less. After six weeks of use I am pain free! I now use the wedge twice a day for about 20 minutes and am pain free on a daily basis. I cannot sing your praises enough. I have told countless friends about your product and just want to say, thank you!!
sarah 9/9/2013
I had severe pain in my right back and shooting down my right leg for 3 months. Went to chiropractor and even used an e-stim machine at home, but it was a pt that found the problem. I had caught myself from falling a month before the pain started. So, the pt started me on the sacro wedgy and after the 3rd. session the pain was gone. I bought one and would never be without it again. My whole family and most of my friends have them too. This family has truly found a miracle and can not tell you how valuable this has been to me and mine. Kaye Krambeck Washington 2013
Kaye Krambeck 8/28/2013
I had been in severe pain for several months when I heard about the sacrowedgy. I had been on pain medications and had 4 injections. The very next day I was completely pain free. I am recommending this to everybody I see that is having back problems.
Sandy Everett 6/4/2013
I have suffered from S-I joint pain for a year and a half. I have been to rehab and had injections, but NOTHING has helped like this device. I also was struggling with hip and knee pain which I had no idea was related until I started using the Sacrowedgy. Such an easy way to re-establish a proper alignment. I cannot recommend it enough! Thank you!
mary g 4/2/2013
This has helped my neck tension so much! Spending some time laying with both the neck pillow and the Sacro Wedgy makes me experience muscle relaxation and subtle adjustments in my spine. Also, I can sit for extended periods of time without stretching, adjusting and fidgeting due to chair's unforgiving structure. So my husband, my clients and myself would like to give a shout out to the Sacro Wedgy!
Jessica 3/19/2013
I have had severe pain in my lower back,groin,and buttock for over three years when I finally got told I have piriformis syndrome I came across this site for the Sacro Wedgy I was impressed and ordered female version thu amazon u.k. i cant tell you how much it helped within the first few days it is great to get some relief from my severe pain at last many thanks Maggie Barrett, Hertfordshire England
Margaret Barrett 3/16/2013
I am 56 years old and in late August 2012, out of the blue, I started having what they diagnosed as sciatica pain. The worst was in the back of my thigh and it was especially painful to sneeze or cough...doing so while driving was treacherous. The pain then moved down to my knee and heel and up into my SI joint. It hurt to sit anywhere and to stand for very long. I was taking 10 - 12 Ibuprofen a day and having 2 to 3 Chiropractor visits per week. I purchased a personal TENS machine (that I love and still use), several pillows, and seat cushions, voraciously searching online for help. I feel like I lost about 6 months of my life and it hurts even more that I couldn't play with my 2 year old grandson like I wanted...that makes me cry. Finally one day, there it was, the Sacrowedgy. I don't know if I saw it before but this time it called to me. I read and reread all of the information and testimonials on the site and saw myself in numerous stories. So I ordered a female wedgy and got busy. Although I had some trouble getting comfortable I think it was working. I called and talked to Cindy, wonderful lady, and she suggested I try the male wedgy and she put one in the mail right away! I received it within a few days and already I feel an improvement. I believe I am at least 90% better than I was prior to any wedgy use. I still have some SI joint pain but it's more of a deep ache than a pain usually, and a little pinching pain in the back of my thigh now and then. But I am on the upswing, my attitude and outlook are 100% improved. I'm no longer destined to laying on the bed to relieve the pain, I am spending more time with my family for meals and TV time. And I can play and enjoy my sweet grandson now and it's getting easier all the time. I am so glad I found the Sacrowedgy. If you are doubting the results, please give it a try. You will be amazed!!

Thank you!!
Pam 2/19/2013
Dear Ms. Ballis;

I can't thank you enough for the SACRO WEDGY.

I have had back problems since I was 29 (50 years ago). I have arthritis, osteoporosis, and stenosis. My back was severely curved. I have been through many therapeutic therapies and to many Doctors, all of whom, after many visits, have told me that there is nothing more they could do for me regarding my pain or back structure. They also told me that surgery was not an option.

Since the first time I used the SW, I noticed a marked difference in my back structure. My husband also noticed the difference As you had cautioned me, when I first applied the SW, I did feel some pain but after a short time the pain disappeared.

In the week that I have been using the SW, my family and friends can't believe how straight my back is.

It is said that actions speak louder than words. Those words exemplify my belief in the SW. I have since ordered and received another SW, which I keep in the car and will be ordering my third to keep in my Den to use while watching TV.

Thanks again for everything.
Very truly yours,

Arlene Cohen
Arlene Cohen 1/22/2013
Really works well when I lay on it, I start to get my sensation back in my legs..I wish I had more time to lay on this thing....great product if you have a bulging or herniated disc
eddie 12/21/2012
It's my first day of usind Sacrowedgy while driving and sitting at work. And it's the first day in 5 weeks when my lower back doesn't hut and there is no pins and needles in my leg! I have tried everything!!! Different chairs, different positions of sitting, sitting on a regular pillow, sitting on a doughnut pillow...Nothing really worked although doughnut pillow was kinda the best.

But with SacroWedgy...

I can't believe this piece of plastic actually helps. I was soooo sceptical but in the end - when you're in pain you usually try everything to relieve it.
I am amazed and happy. Apparently my piriformis muscle isn't tight and tense when I sit on this.

Thank you, Sacro Wedgy!!!!
Anja Pintaric 7/5/2012
I purchased the Male Sacrowedgy quite a while ago. I was looking for relief from hip-pain, back-pain, and side pain - it seemed to move and although the Chiropractor gave some relief, it obviously kept on coming. Pain caused inactivity, which caused weight gain, and the spiral continued.

I tried you product and it hurt too much - I needed relief not more pain. I put it aside.

Over the next few months I finally realized that nothing would change if I didn't do something.
I started aqua fit twice a week. It felt good after a few visits. My wife and I started cutting down on portions. We both started to feel better because we were doing something.
4 months later I have lost 25 lbs and the hip pain is rare but the side pain and lower back pain continue but not as bad.

So I decide to give your Wedgy another try. I lay down and it doesn't hurt as much at all. Then I remember the video saying you MUST relax. So I commence an old meditation routine in my mind - one limb at a time. right leg was last and - 'CLUNK!' - something popped at the bottom of my back. it made me jump and scared me a little. after a few minutes laying there I carefully got up.
It hurt a little to get up but the pain in my side was 80-90% gone, more of a nasty ache than pain. I have repeated this routine daily for weeks, sometimes twice a day and 90% of the time I get a 'click' or a full 'clunk' from a few different places in my lower back and always the pain is substantially reduced.

It's not a cure - I am still looking into that through doctors and anyone who will try, but I no longer take any pain medication on a daily basis and only when I have maybe over exerted a little out in the garden.

Thank you so much for my Wedgy - I am thinking of buying a second to take to work.
Please also tell me more about the way your still Point Inducer works to assist the body.
Do you have any advice for helping with Carpal Tunnel Wrist issues?
John Winstone 6/22/2012
I sit on it, sleep on it, nap on it, ride on it. If I don't, my sciatica returns. I typically spend about 8 to 14 hours a day on it. The more I use it, the better I feel. The only time I use it with the cervical roll is when I take a one hour nap on the floor--that feels marvelous because the whole spine is getting traction and the pains in my upper thoracic and cervical areas go away. My whole 75 year old spine is loving the two months I have spent on the sacrowedgy. I can't live without it. Thank you for improving my quality of life. First time I've been pain free in twenty years. Even the pain in my hips is gone.
Thom Hawkins 6/19/2012
I hurt my sacrum when a folding chair that I was sitting on broke. Chiropractors and massage helped some but I had constant lower back pain and discomfort while sitting. I travel a lot and would arrive to my destination with so much lower back pain that sometimes I would spend the whole day of my arrival laying on the floor. Finally a barefoot shiatsu therapist got a huge adjustment in my sacrum by twisting me while bracing me at the knees. My back is a lot better now thanks to the shiatsu, the sacral wedge and the back 2 life machine. I like to lay on the floor and pull my knees to my chest to stretch my lower back, then I use the sacral wedge, then the B2L machine, then just lay on the floor for a bit, then the sacral wedge again. This is especially beneficial to do just before going to bed. In the morning anything that was jammed in my lower back will release. The sacral wedge is great to take along while traveling because it is very effective and compact. I think that regular use of the sacral wedge is excellent maintenance for those of us that have lower back issues, I never travel without it.
Roberto Guerra 4/25/2012
I bought a wedgy 2 years ago (ish) and Ive waited till now to give a review judging by how my back feels.
After spending hundreds of pounds on chiros, machines, osteopaths, massages this $30 little miracle helped enormously. Combined with drug treatment which I no longer need I have zero pain. I sit on my wedgy all day at work, where I go, it goes. It's my little miracle. Thanks
stephen byrne 3/26/2012
WOW!!!! I was in a car accident in June 2011, and herniated 2 discs in my lower spine. I had one epidural steroid injection, months of physical therapy, and acupuncture. After being released from the doctor's care, I returned to work after 3 months, and gradually started working out again. Unfortunately, the pain returned and I could not afford to go back to the therapist, but knew it was my psoas muscle causing it because of the excellent care I had received from the therapist. I tried the tennis ball treatment but would be so sore the next day. So a googling I went and found your amazing product. I could not wait for it to come. I had renewed hope that I could get this pain under control and maybe even hike again. I had tried hiking a couple of times, and had extreme pain for a week after. The first time I used the sacrowedgy, I knew it was going to work!!! While the muscle did not stretch out and relax completely the first time, after 30 minutes, I felt a vast improvement!! The second time I used it, at about 15 minutes, I felt the psoas twitch like crazy and then release!!! And no soreness like I had with the tennis ball!! I will be using the SW nightly and look forward to totally regaining my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rhonda Sparks 2/28/2012
I've been suffering from Sciatica from the age of 16 (for 25 years now!)!When I was 28 I had 2 weeks of absolute hell as the condition had become really bad. Someone advised me to see a chiropractor whom helped enormously. However recently I've been having lots of episodes which I've been receiving chiropractic treatment for & trying to follow his advice about my life style. Having done all that, some nights were a different story as when the pain started, there was no getting away with it despite having changed mattresses, etc! So forever I've been trying to find ways of coping with it, until a few weeks ago I came across Sarco wedgy on the net. I was pretty sceptical, as I didn't think it would help much but thought 'what's the harm in ordering one?', so I did. The day it arrived I had had a terrible night the night before (was up till 9:30 am!!). I must admit at first I thought 'How can this little piece of rubber & foam help me?!' Anyway gave it a try & all I can say is MAGIC! I couldn't believe it, it gave me instant relief. I've had 3 greatly sound nights, all thanks 2 the wonderful Sarco wedgy!
I no longer feel the depression & hopelessness I had developed towards this problem as it was ruling my life. Now I feel free & in control which is an amazing feeling. Also when I was reading some of the other testimonials, I felt very emotional & I burst out crying which was from happiness as I could really relate to those people's pain & the fact that they have found a method of coping.
THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH to the inventor for developing such a simple & wonderful solution & to those who are carrying on his good work.
I'll recommend Sarco wedgy to everyone I know with a back problem & to those with no back problem, in case they ever develop one!
Already have ordered a few for my family members!
Hope you continue to come up with many more gadgets to help people like me.
Keep them coming!
I feel for ever in your debt!

Nazila Amery (UK) 1/27/2012
Nazila Amery 1/26/2012
I have had recurrent piriformis syndrome as a long time runner. It caused sciatic pain so severe I could barely drive or sit. While physical therapy helped a little, the sacro wedgy got me back to 100% after several days of use. I use it at the first sign of a recurrence and it has kept me running and pain free for years. I have recommended it to many.
cathy goldberg 1/3/2012
I have used the sacro wedgy for years but only for lying down. I forgot about the use with sitting. My current job requires much time at the computer and thought I would try it for the sitting benefits. I recently took my sacro wedgy to a 3 hour training class. Four of my co-workers tried it out and wanted to know where they could find more information. I shared the website. I will continue to use it at work and share it with other coworkers. I left the long training class feeling less stiff and much less neck soreness. I plan to order three more myself. One each for my two daughters, a marathon runner and a nurse and one extra for me (a nurse massage therapist).
Thanks for the comfort!
Marcilina Kilby RN LMT CCM 12/15/2011
Thank you for creating this! I have only been using this a few days. First it did not seem to be working. It was like laying on a rock. I did not feel a curve at all. Well I looked at the picture and the sacro wedgy seemed to be placed higher than noted on the video. I also read your online advise to start at the waist and move the device down about an inch at a time. Suddenly I felt it line up but about 2 inches higher then demostrated in the YouTube video. I then could feel the tightness on the right side of my sacrum stretching. I laid on it for 20 mins and felt better. For the first time in a long time I did not have the sacral pain on my right side when trying to sleep. I have a history of l4 l5 herniation and a leg length difference on the right. I also sit 8 hrs a day at a desk. I also tried it while driving and REALLY didn't think this small device would help at all but it did. I could feel my right side stretching out!! I plan to keep using daily until pain free. Thank you! Thank you!
Shelly 11/15/2011
This sacro wedge is amazing. First use, 20 min instant relaxation of the sacrum & adjacent muscles. The SI joint self adjusted during a few of the self-help exercises. WOW !!!!!!
Mike Grogan 9/26/2011
I have been an Industrial Medic and Offshore Health and Safety Advisor for 20 years. About 10 years ago I injured my back removing a patient from an ambulance. I spent the next 3 months immobile flat on my back with a serious compression of L-4 L-5 and a herneated disc. After many months of physio, accupuncture, chiropractics and pain....i returned to work....but have suffered from lower back pain since. % months ago I developed accute Insufferable sciatica on my right side. Burning pain in my right glute, hamstring, calf and foot. Often my toes went from horrible pins-and-needles to absolute numbness. I began a regime of prescription medication including anti-inflammatories, muscle-relaxxants, narcotic pain killers and even Nortryptoline a nerve impulse blocker. I still suffered with a 8/10 pain around the clock!! In despiration I ordered a Sacrowedgy on impulse while offshore and it was in my mailbox when i arrived home. I unpacked it, read the directions and gave it a good 20 minute trial. (Boy did it hurt good!!!) When I rolled over and stood up I was literally PAIN FREE!!! Since then I have used the sacro-wedgy for 20 mins twice daily and have graduated to the foam lift. I have little to no sciatica, have eliminated my medications and now have returned to my regular activity (Including the amorous evenings I used to have with my girlfriend!!) I have refered many of my associates to the sacrowedgy and would not consider leaving home without it. Thank you so much, you've changed my life.
gordon Graham 9/19/2011
I haven't been able to get rid of this pulling pain on my right side for 2 years...the Sacro Wedgy got rid of the pulling by stretching the long muscles on the side of my back, when nothing else would work!!! It's great to feel good again~~~~~~
Nina Fahrer 8/10/2011
I started using the Sacro Wedgy about 6 weeks into a very nasty bout of sciatica. Up until I started using this device, I had made almost no progress in my recovery and was very discouraged. Despite the fact that it was painful the first few times I used it, I soldiered on and found that I was feeling a little better every day. It's been about five weeks now and I'm almost 100% now. I have just started back to a daily gentle yoga routine and intend to work my time on the sw into that routine at the end during the corpse pose. I'm convinced that this device helped me, and I intend to make it a regular part of my health and fitness program. :)
Kelly MacKenzie 6/18/2011
I recently purchased the sacro wedgy for my boyfriend who has chronic back pain. He's a police officer and he's 23 and riding around in his patrol car all day with his duty belt on really puts a strain on his back. He was having trouble relaxing after work and sleeping due to his back pain. As soon as I saw the sacro wedgy on The Doctors, I knew I needed to get it for him. I surprised him with the sacro wedgy and he thinks it's the best thing ever. It provided immediate relief and has drastically reduced his back pain. The stretches demonstrated in the book are also very nice. We were both surprised with how well it works. It's his new best friend. I recommend this product to everyone! I only wish I had heard of it sooner!! :)
Brandy 4/5/2011
I just called in and had a few questions about the use of getting off the sacro wedgy. WOW! I have had this for a year and I used it for a few weeks and didnt see any results and so i stopped using it and it just sat in my closet. I got it back out this morning and called to ask a few questions to clerify use and I was told to elevate even higher since im an athlete so I grabbed my wives teaching books and used the elevation pad as well and man did that change everything! i havent felt this good in over a year! Thank you so much for a great product and for great customer service. It goes directly to you and not someone you cant understand in India and you actually know the product your selling since its a family business!!!
tyler edwards 3/25/2011
I am a massage therapist who picked up a SW while at a workshop several years ago because I always had low back discomfort that I couldn't get rid of, not realizing that my sacrum was the problem. I used it according to the enclosed instructions. Right after the first use, I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt when I walked. My sacrum felt so free (and I didn't even know it wasn't free before that). I was so impressed with the results that I now recommend them to my clients. I have ordered quantities of them a couple of times so that I have them on hand for my clients to buy for themselves. (I don't normally sell retail items; I only have a couple that I use myself and know they work.) I'm almost ready to order more. Every person who has bought one from me tells me how much it helps them.

I don't have much back pain anymore, but when it starts to rear its ugly head after a long, tiring day, I use the SW that night and I'm feeling great the next day. Not according to instructions (I believe they say to use on a firm surface like the floor), I use mine in bed with 2 lifts. I fall to sleep on it and when it's time for me to roll over (I'm more a side sleeper than a back sleeper), I just move it out of the way. This way, I don't have to "take 20 minutes out of my day" to use it like all the other good things I should do for myself.

The Sacrowedgy is great, wonderful!! Such a simple solution for so many people. Thank-you!
Diane Witte 3/25/2011
My wife just got a call from a female friend who mentioned she has been suffering from sciatic pain. My wife told her about the Sacro Wedgy, and that got me to visit your website.

I had developed a chronic lower back pain some years ago, and came across the Sacro Wedgy. I was skeptical, but the price was right - so I ordered one. I used it for about three or four months - two or three times per week - until I realized that my pain had disappeared - completely!

That was years ago (4,5,6,?) but I would never get rid of my Sacro Wedgy, I consider it too valuable.
Jim S. (Mission Viejo, CA) 2/18/2011
Hi Cindy, Just wanted to thank you and your Dad again. This device has been a Godsend - my back feels like it did 15 years ago before my sacroiliac joint injury. As anyone who has ever had backpain knows it just takes all the life and energy out of you. With a simple 20 minute treatment on the SW my back feels pain-free with full range of motion. It is just unbelievable! I've been to see many MDs, DOs, PTs, and DCs over the years. I've found that few of them understand the sacrum/ilia complex and how to treat it properly. Because of this frustration I decided to research it on my own. I found that some of the most helpful analysis came from Richard DonTigny PT. He explains the mechanics of the sacrum very well so a lay person could understand. Using what I learned I then asked my 3 year old daughter to walk on my back. It worked! However, getting a 3 year old to follow instructions can be an exercise in futility. Then one day I was reading a blog that happenned to mention the SW and so curious I read about it and ordered one. The more I use it the easier it is I find to position it properly. Just basically move it up or down until there is no pain at the top or bottom. I love it!!! I'm in the New York metro area so maybe I can say hello next time the tour comes thru. Thank you, thank you, thank you Gene
Gene 2/15/2011
I had hip replacement 2 years ago, and have suffered with sharp knife pains in sacroliac since day after surgery. No one could tell me why, but 2 weeks later, I did get a cortizone shot and it helped a little. I just figured I'd have to live with it. I have dealt with this daily since the surgery and 2 weeks ago, It got very painful again and I could not sit or stand or sleep. I decided to really investigate on the internet and found a lot of info about SI joint dysfunction which I think is exactly what I have been suffering. Then I found your website. By this time, I was back to using the cane and thinking my hip replacement had failed. I ordered the sacro wedgy, have only used it 2 days and almost right away I have been able to walk, sleep and sit (although I do sit on the wedgy) because my car and chairs at home all dip in the back or are bucket seats (worse thing they ever invented)!. Thank you Betty Nye
Betty Nye 5/24/2010
Dear Sacrowedgy: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SACROWEDGY. I fell on my lower back a couple of months ago and have been in pain ever since...lower back, groin pull, sciatica, knee pain and even down into my feet. I tried rest, exercises and even threw away $200 on a Back2Life machine. I ordered the Sacrowedgy and VOILA...after just two uses, something crunched back into place while I was doing the pelvic tilts and I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I'm sure I sound like a commercial, BUT YOU DESERVE A BIG THANK YOU!!! Much Love, Amy Conway (PS - Thanks for saving my marriage. My mood and pain do not go well together =])
Amy Conway 5/15/2010
Hi Cindy, This is a testimony from a friend to whom I sent a male and female sacrowedgy a few months ago. The sacrowedgy is a wonderful tool. A family member fell from the ladder, hurt his back, and I immediately ran for the sacrowedgy. He used it and after 20 minutes, it straightened him up and he was walking and feeling much better. It' amazing! We don't use it 2x/day but continue to use it. Thanks a million times. Juliana
Juliana 5/10/2010
Hello, I just received my Sacrowedgy yesterday...used it twice and I can not believe the difference in my back. I have had terrible clicks in my spine for over a year and they are gone. I am standing straighter then ever. I broke my ankle in January of 2009 and now have complications of sciatica and back/hip problems due to imbalance from the air-boot and cane use. Walking has been so painful. I seriously can not believe the difference in my back after only two days. For the first time I am hopeful that my leg pain will be gone. Thank you for all the useful information in the booklet and hand out sheets. Even propping my feet up in my desk chair has made everything feel better...something I never thought about before. The Wedgy is kind of pa now, (you said it might be) but I am sticking to it! What a great product. Hope is in the air!!! Best regards, Tess Adamski Toronto, Canada
Tess Adamski 4/24/2010
Unbelievable is all I can say! I have had a bad back for 35 years or more. I’ve have at least 6 MRI’s. Acupuncture and countless chiropractors. Going back 2 years ago my quality of life was a zero. I ended up with physical therapy after a series of pain management shots. The physical therapist found the Sacro Wedgy. He injured himself working and needed help. He let me use the Wedgey too. Next morning I woke up and just had to call him. I never felt like that before! I was almost normal. Little to no back pain. I got myself a Sacro Wedgy. I used it according to all the instructions. Over the past 2 years its gotten better and better. I bought 10 more for other people I know. One person actually had the same results I had. LIFE CHANGING! She’s the only one who followed the instructions. Everyone wants a quick fix but when it took 35 years to develop the problem you need time to heal. If you buy the Sacro Wedgy and use it every day for a month than every other day the next month it works. I only need to use it now once a week or as needed. I hope everyone takes this seriously and tries it. I now have quality of life. I can walk 45 minutes every day, I sleep and I’m happy again. Where was this 35 years ago? Frank M. Conforti
Frank M. Conforti 4/15/2010
I just wanted to let you know that, much to my amazement, my left hip and leg are doing SO MUCH better since I started using the sacrowedgy. My diagnosis was hip tendonitis. The piriformis muscle was involved, and the IT band got into the mix, too. I can feel the difference immediately after being on the sacrowedgy for a while. I just need to remember to use it with some regularity. Thanks so much for the relief. Trudy McKnight Bainbridge Island, WA
Trudy McKnight 5/30/2009
To whom it may concern. For some months I had been suffering with a sciatica problem, and about 3 months ago it became really unbearable to actually stand for any period of time without bending forward, or constantly shifting from one foot to the other to get some kind of relief. The pain was constantly there, running from my buttock, down the back of my leg into my ankle. The only relief I got was at bedtime, when my wife would massage the affected area with “deep heat” cream. it was the only way I could get to sleep for a couple of hours. I had been for “Thai yoga massage”, I got relief for 1day. I had physio treatment twice, temporary relief for 1 day, and about 3 cortisone injections from my orthopaedic, which was supposed to last for three days, lasted 1 day each. Well you can imagine that by now I was becoming desperate, when I happen to mention this to a pharmacist, whom I call upon as a pharmaceutical representative. She suggested that I try the “sacrowedgy”. I would have jumped off the “ Empire State Building” if that would have helped to get some relief. I went home and got to work on this sacrowedgy, I must admit that it was difficult initially to lie down for 20 minutes, and also sat on it as suggested. As I spend a lot of time in my car, I used to sit on it for up to 1 to 2 hours in the car while driving. Well after a week of using it I had regained my sense of humour, I was whole again. I have been so impressed with the sacrowedgy, that I have sold 2 to clients of mine and my orthopedic has asked if he may borrow it to try it out. I have recommended it to whoever wants to listen. It’s been the best investment I’ve made. I thought that you should know as I’m not easily impressed. Also I am 57 yrs young, and was a very active sportsman, having played rugby and cricket most of my life. Lastly, if you have an affiliate program on the internet that I can join, I would bee very keen to sell it on a website. Best wishes, Kelvin Theunis South Africa
Kelvin Theunis 10/8/2008
Hi Cindy, Its Sam from Philly and I wanted to write and tell you that everything is great with me because of the Sacro Wedgy. Every running injury I had was resolved in under two weeks with two a day sessions . I now subscribe daily to that powerful statement " the more you use it , the less you will need it ". Exactly what any athlete should love to hear . Sam the Clam
Sam 9/12/2008
Note to Cindy: You answered the phone when I called with questions regarding my first purchase. I now consider you my guardian angel. I have had chronic problems since a fall in 1995. My progress is slow but I am convinced this is finally the answer I have been looking for. It took a number of years for me to get this way so I am patient and pleased with any positive improvements. The pillow is a must--I also have had 2 whiplashes--and feel that my neck likes the treatment as well. My husband and his friend (both golfers) now want to try the SacroWedgy and I want a second for travel. God bless you and your father.
Thank you for the sacrowedgy. I’m a 40 year old mom of three kids. For nine months I suffered with sciatica and piriformis syndrome. It was to the point that I couldn’t continue my daily activities. I couldn’t enjoy activities outside with the kids or get the groceries. I was in so much pain every day! I couldn’t walk a block, stand for more than five minutes or so, or sleep at night. I spent so many sessions with the physiotherapist and did not find relief. Muscle relaxants didn’t have an effect. I purchased a new bed, tried yoga, without finding relief. I ordered the sacrowedgy. The first two times that I used it were excruciating. I’m so glad that I continued using it. By the third day my sciatica was completely, miraculously, gone. After about a week, all pain and stiffness was completely gone. I’ve now been painfree for one month. I never could have imagined such a fast and complete recovery. And if the sciatica should come back, I’ll know what to do. Thank you for the sacrowedgy. I would recommend it at ANY price. – Kelly Soder, Canada
Kelly Soder 6/6/2008
I do not see a professional for back or leg pain. However, up until 3 years ago I was in a pain clinic for degenerative disc and also saw an orthopedic surgeon. I have also had a lot of leg pain off an on for 5 years. I have had sciatica for about 8 months. I do not know the cause. The Sacro Wedgy helped and the instructions were clear. The pain of sciatica awakened me several times through the night. I would also awaken from pain in my shoulders if I slept on my side. After the first use of the Sacro Wedgy, sciatica & shoulder pain were gone. At last a good nights sleep! I also had a knee that kept “crunching” and giving out on me. After using the Wedgy twice, I took off my knee brace and can walk with no pain, “crunching” or giving out! I never thought all this could be possible. I am so thankful I came across your ad & decided to try it. My Sacro Wedgy is now my most prized possession. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Thank you so much!! Linda Hoyle-age 63 (a very satisfied customer)
Linda Hoyle 3/31/2008
I am 76 years old and for the past twelve years have played golf 3to6 times per week, always in pain in one or more of my psosis or periformis and whatever muscle runs on the outside of the thigh . I have received some temporary relief from a highly qualified PT with two masters degrees who diagnosed a pelvis that slips out of position. I also benefited from a MAT therapist and weekly massage. None of this was either complete relief or permanent. At times I suffered from numbness in my foot, ankle or calve with associated weekness. The first day that I used the sacrowedgy, which was about 4 months ago, I had a huge pop in the sacral area. Daily use since then produces o to 2 pops. My pain has been entirey gone for about 3 months. I mentioned this to my ex MAT therapist and he was very supportive rather than knocking the product. I cannot believe that that I am playing pain free, and my best golf. Since I have only been playing golf for about 14 years, this is the first time I know what it is like to play painfree on a regular basis. Hal Kant
Hal Kant 3/3/2008
I just love this little device - can't believe it has made such a difference!! Much more than I even hoped for and I'm telling friends too - "Get A Wedgy"! Thank you, Judy
J. Gray 10/8/2007
I have been using the female wedgy for about 6 months now and it is a miracle worker on my sciatic nerve...really I am not kidding and I no longer take Advil which I had been taking on a regular basis before using the wedgy (I had a long term back problem and I did not want to be on mefication all my life). So the reason why I have gotten another is to have a spare one in the vehicle and the male wedgy I have bought is for a friend of ours that does a lot of wood cutting with chainsaws and splits it for firewood and he always has a terrible back ache and I told him I would get him a wedgy and I am hoping it will help him too!
S. Miller 10/5/2007
Have owned my sacrowedgy since 2004 and it has helped me when nothing else worked. I could hardly walk and within a few days, I was walking without hardly any pain. I'm not going to say it didn't hurt laying on the wedgy because it brought tears to my eyes because of the pain, but in the long run, I am so thankful that I found the wedgy. THANK YOU!
D. Conover 9/12/2007
I'm a competitive amateur bodybuilder in Utah and during the past couple of years I've had recurring problems with strains in my hip flexor and lower back muscles. I've been to chiropractors who gave me some temporary results, but after using the Sacro Wedgy I noticed almost immediate results in how my hips and lower back felt. I felt more confident and strong during my workouts and actually was able to achieve new personal bests on some heavy back and leg exercises. I feel more balanced and even the pain I had in my right knee has subsided. This is a great, but simple product that produces some astounding results for athletes! Thanks. Respectfully, Dan Herrin Provo, UT
Dan Herrin 7/5/2007
Dear Cindy: I have had my SacroWedgy for just under a month now. I had supplied myself with many ointments and pain relief products thinking I would need them for my problem. Now they just sit in my medicine cabinet. After using the SacroWedgy nightly, I can sleep at last without the pain of Piriformis syndrome/sciatica almost through the night. To me this is miraculous. I am so pleased with this product, I have purchased one for my son, recommended it to a friend who just ordered from you and am speaking to others of its virtues. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this helpful device. Sincerely, R. Bond
R. Bond 4/2/2007
Hi there, I just got my sacro-wedgy. I've had hard to diagnose/treat SI and lumbar dysfunction (more acute lately, which led to acute sciatica). After a chiropractic adjustment, it would be a matter of days until I could feel the pelvic torque/rotation happening again. And now, after being unsatisfied with my chiropractor, I felt the misalignment happening, but felt like there was no one to help me. My sacro-wedgy arrived just in time. On the 2nd day I could feel that the rotation was stopping, the pain was gone and my pelvis felt stable and strong (for the first time in about a month). I rotate from the right side to the left. I just went with what was comfortable for me and it ended up doing the trick: Right leg was straight, left leg was bent at the knee with foot on the floor. it helped release the locked up right SI and push in the opposite side of my rotation. I did that for 20 minutes and stretched the sides of my legs that were overly tight, and I feel really good. It feels great to not have to panic about what to do when that pain comes on. And hopefully with regular use of the wedgy it will be under control. It's a huge relief and will save me lots of money. Thank you!
colleen 3/13/2007
Dear Sir, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Sacro Wedgy to anyone with lower back and groin problems. After using the product for three months there is a feeling of freedom in my hips and pelvis that I’ve not had for almost two years. I should add that during the last three months I’ve also had some treatment from a remedial therapist which I have done from time to time, and I have played golf about three times a week. I mention this in case it has been the exercise combined with the use of the Sacro Wedgy that has contributed to my improved mobility. There is no doubt in my mind however that without the Sacro Wedgy there would have been no improvement as these other activities were more or less my normal routine while I was suffering the discomfort. I came across your website whilst browsing for information on Piriformis Syndrome. I had the classic pain in the butt symptoms which suggested that this was one of the sources of some of my lower back and groin problems. The pictures of the Sacro Wedgy looked unconvincing, how could this simple bit of plastic be a solution to a problem I've had on and off for a number of years. However, as the cost of the Wedgy is less than a trip to the physio I decided to give it a try, after all what was there to lose. This turned out to be one of best decisions I’ve made. I ordered the Sacro-wedgy on 26th October 2006, it arrived a few days later and tried it out right away. When I stood up after using the product for about 5 minutes I could tell that something was happening. This was enough encouragement for me to carry on using it. After using the Sacro Wedgy each day for just over two weeks, I no longer had the numb pain in the butt which had been making it difficult to sit for any time without fidgeting. Obviously there were still other aches and pains to contend with and the pain in the butt reappeared from time to time but the Wedgy was fixing it. Now after three months and with a feeling of freedom in my hips and pelvis I can carry on enjoying life to the full. I am currently using the Sacro Wedgy about three or four times a week as this seems to suit my particular problem. If you would like any more information please let me know. Best regards, Colin McKenzie (aged 63)
Colin McKenzie 2/13/2007
I just have to say I purchased a Sacro Wedgy® about 6 months ago but I didn't quite know what to do with it till I took it to the chiropractor. I have two herniated discs in my lumbar region that keep me in a lot of pain. I asked the chiropractor if she knew about it and she said oh yea and she told me how to use it properly and Oh My God - I AM SO HAPPY. I can sit again and use the computer and I can drive relatively comfortably - Oh My God I am so so grateful that this product is available. So, anyway I'm feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and with relief. I'm just happy that I'll be able to sit again. I haven't been able to sit for the longest time. OK - Thanks very much - Bye - My name is Cheryl Saunders and I purchased 6 months ago.
Cheryl Saunders 2/12/2007
To whom it may concern, I just wanted to write and say how much your SacroWedgy has helped me over the past two years. I'm a 50 year old man, with significant lower back pain due to spondylolysis (pars defect) and spondylolisthesis. Those are big words, but basically mean that my L5 vertebra did not fuse to my sacrum. Which means I have had to live with lower back pain for years. I tried everything to get rid of my pain. I went to my general practitioner, an orthopedic surgeon, went through weeks of physical therapy with a registered physical therapist, and was evaluated for surgery by a neurosurgeon. Seems the only way I can have permanent relief is via surgery, and I am not yet a viable candidate for that procedure. Until then, I've sought relief in a number of ways. The most helpful was visiting a chiropractor (for which I am very thankful!), which offered relief, but it was always short-lived and I had to go in for another adjustment every couple of months (with a decent amount of pain in between). Then my wife told me about the SacroWedgy. She bought one for herself, and claimed it really helped her (she has scoliosis). As a Ph.D., I tend to be very skeptical about things, especially about medical devices. But I finally relented and bought a SacroWedgy. My life hasn't been the same since. My pain has been greatly reduced, and I'm able to do things that before were impossible or painful. I owe a great deal of this relief to the SacroWedgy. And let me also say this: your after-sale service is fantastic. You've answered my questions on a number of occasions and even helped resolve an issue with the SacroWedgy I purchased. I can't say enough good things about your product and your company. I wish you great success and hope that others will give it a try. It may just offer them the relief they are looking for. All the best, Stephen B. Castleberry, Ph.D.
Stephen B. Castleberry, Ph.D. 2/10/2007
Just wanted to let you know that I received my Sacrowedgy on Saturday after a 750 mile trip in which my right leg, back and hip ached like a sore tooth.  I have used the Sacrowedgy twice a day for the 20 minutes in the lying position and used it when driving the 45 minutes to work today.  This is the first time in over a year that I have had relief from that "ache".  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm a believer and will share this with my chiropractor and massage therapist, neither of whom could fix the "ache".Nancy Dupree
Nancy Dupree 12/26/2006
To whom it may concern, thanks a million times over for this amazing tool , i have suffered lower back problems in the sacroliac joint for some years made worse by my job i have been 39 years in the hairdressing trade. I am here in the united kingdom i have told my customers about your amazing tool and in the space of a week have sent you orders for three more. My clients and friends can see the visible difference in my posture ,and my walking and bending i will keep speading the word, why have we not heard of this before? I discovered you merely by looking for some help on the internet , thankyou for ending this misery my customers and friends are looking forward to some poitive results yours sincerely MR ALAN PLAYER NORFOLK ENGLAND
ALAN PLAYER 12/13/2006
Cindy, A HUGH thank you for this remarkable device. I have used it for 3 days and my excruciating back and buttock pain is completely gone! The Physical Therapist during 6 sessions got me no relief comparable to the Sacrowedgy. You guys can bet that I will put out the word because it works@ A. Scrip 
A. Scrip  10/23/2006
From: I. Amarel - New Jersey Age - over 70 - Does Yoga and Pilates Professionals seen over the years for sciatica - MD, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist and Acupuncture. She writes; This last time I pulled a muscle picking up luggage. Up to this point my back had been good for a few years due to Yoga and Pilates. The Sacro Wedgy helped this time. My back would spasm and I couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes. I tried all of the above treatments, had an MRI, took celebrex. Nothing worked. The Sacro Wedgy gave me relief in 2 uses then cleared the pain in one month. I love it & have recommended it to many friends & acquaintances. I use it whenever I feel a twinge in my back.
I. Amarel 8/23/2006
"I used to move from side to side all night, trying to find that perfect sleeping position that would take pressure off my lower back. Consequently, I never experienced deep sleep. Then I started using the Sacro Wedgy nightly for about 15 minutes before I went to bed. It felt so good I could have slept right there on the floor! After using the Wedgy for about a month now, I notice I don't wake up nearly as much in the middle of the night -because my back doesn't ache nearly as much as it used to. Why don't you folks invent a bed with a Sacro Wedgy built in? Thanks so much for a great product backed by knowledgeable, friendly people!" Roberta Gale Talk Show Host
Roberta Gale 5/9/2006
After dealing with piriformis syndrome for 10 months to the point of the pain almost being disabling, and seeing a chiropractor for 1/2 of that time, I am basically pain free after using the sacrowedgy for only 7 days. Thank you!
Doris Elling 5/4/2006
To whomever made this incredible device. I've been in terrible pain for about 6 years with a grade 2 spondy, piriformis syndrome, spinal stenosis, and all the pain that goes with the above. I'm a 54 year old VERY active woman, working out in the gym 6 days per week. Before that I was a runner for about 25 years. Needless to say, I've probably abused my back. I refuse to quit, however, so I have been getting at least 2 chiropractic treatments per week, deep tissue massage, as well as cortisone shots every 4 months. Out of desperation, I stumbled onto your web site. That day changed my life and many of the lives of the people I workout with. I was struggling with extreme pain down BOTH of my legs, shooting, electric pain which was almost unbearable. The first time I sat on the Sacro Wedgy (with a 1" foam lift) I felt immediate relief. I now have two of them, and I sit on them while traveling, watching TV, everything. In fact, when I sit for longer than about 5 minutes without it, I notice a HUGE difference. I have one in my car, and one in my house. I could NOT stand to do without it. In fact, I've not been back to any of my Doctors. I've used it everyday, all day for about 5 months. Now, I have some of my instructors at the gym (Gold's) who are hooked on them. One of whom called me from the parking lot when I let her borrow one of mine. She was in tears with the relief she had noticed IMMEDIATELY. Thank you so much, I wish there was a way I could have it surgically attached to my butt. Thanks for changing my life forever, Pam Thompson Murray, Utah
Pam Thompson 4/28/2006
I ordered (by phone) the first time about 2 months ago. I sold all the items I ordered within 2 weeks at my practice. They fly off the shelves once people understand the benefits! Thanks for your great device. Phil Tavolacci, MSPT, CPT Owner- TAVO PT & Fitness
Phil Tavolacci 2/2/2006
I purchased a Sacro Wedgy 2 months ago and it has helped me a lot. I had pretty chronic trochantor pain, along with sciatic pain from the piriformus to my knee. The Wedgy worked beautifully. I used 2 pads at first, and suffered some pain from the muscles stretching, but once I went to the wedgy alone, on a smooth surface, combined with ice, my problem turned around 360 degrees. This is an amazing product, and I have endorsed it to a number of friend and acquaintances. Thanks!
Dave Pittaway 1/29/2006
Dear sacro wedge Thank you so much for your products. I ordered the sacro wedge only a week ago and I have already had great results. I have been suffering with sciatica and hip pain on and off for the past 2 years, I had the so called pain the butt and heel, and have already had great results in only a few days that I have been using it. Can'tbelieve it took me so long to find out about this product!!!! The first time I used it I could feel and see the tightness on the right side of the hip, it was higher than the other side of at least an inch, just after a few sessions I saw the pelvis dropping down and becoming more even, there was an immediate release. Also using the neck stabilizer has already helped a bit my tight neck and shoulder, it’s a great way to relax. Thank you so much for your great products and hope to get a 100% results in the future soon. V.M.
vittoria momento 1/4/2006
I just have to tell you that I sold at least the 10-12th person I know on the Sacro Wedgy. I have talked it up at my Weight Watchers meetings, etc. Several of the people I work with have bought them, and also people I used to work with just bought one too. My doctor is now recommending it to his other patients. I suffered for over 11 months with very bad sciatica pain to the point where I dreaded going to bed and putting one leg on top of the other because it hurt. I was told by someone about your product and laughed at it but ordered one anyway. Well within 5 weeks I felt better, and now a year later have virtually no pain or very little if I over do it. It is a life saver. So I have been singing the praises of the Sacro Wedgy.
Dia 1/3/2006
I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a sacro wedgy and got it three days ago. I drive an 18 wheeler and have been suffering with severe pain for a month. I have used the wedgy according to the manual on my truck and at home in the evenings. What a wonderful tool to have. I have been to the Chiropractor and to the medical doctor in the past week. I was prescribed pain and anti-inflammation drugs to reduce my pain. I also had an appointment for an MRI. I decided against the medicine due to the side affects and did not want the expense of an MRI. I have used the Sacro Wedgy for the last three days and I am well on my way to a complete recovery. Thank you so much for having this wonderful tool available for me to use. It was well worth the money. Curtis S. Heckert
Curtis S. Heckert 11/18/2005
Early last summer I developed a very painful problem in my sciatica. After a number of visits to the physical therapist and not getting much better she suggested trying the Sacro Wedgy. The relief was almost immediate after two sessions. I purchased my own Wedgy and was done with therapy two weeks later. I use my Wedgy weekly just to keep things aligned and I have been completely pain free since the last week of July. It is wonderful to have my life back!! Enclosed is my check for $35.45 to cover the cost of a Sacro Wedgy for my husband. His car was struck from behind while he waited at a stop light in May. He has been seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncturist twice weekly every since and the problem seems to be getting worse (sciatic nerve) rather than better. I sent his chiropractor my Sacro Wedgy information to review and he is very excited about having my husband try the product. We are not rich people so my husband must work at his construction job no matter how bad his back hurts. I am praying that your product will work as well for him as it did for me. Again, thank you for giving me back the life I love!! Lin Johnston
Lin Johnston 9/29/2005
Can't tell you how much the SW has meant to me, but I will try! >From last Decenber 04 to June 05, I was almost completely disabled with sciatic pain. Had never had it before, but I felt as tho I would never get over it. It was a constant and extremely painful companion and nothing I tried (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopath, xrays, MRI) did any good. I felt like I was done for. When I heard about sacrowedgy, I thought what do I have to lose? I used it 20 min. a day for several months and after keeping at it and not giving up, I can safely say the pain is gone! I kept at it because I could tell I was slowly but surely geting better. All my calls to you helped me to stay with it, too. God bless you all. Mary Tripp Louisburg, Kansas
Mary Tripp 9/10/2005
Dear Cindy: I have to write and thank you so much for your wonderful product and amazing customer service. I called you on Tuesday to order additional lift pads for our sacrowedgy. I was astonished. The lovely lady I spoke to on the phone refused to take my credit card information stating that I could just send her a check when I received the pads and was happy with them! When I told her that our lift pad had started to fall apart she stated she would send extras because there had been a bad batch a few years ago. I received the pads on Wednesday, just one day later from Alabama to Indiana! Your service is incredible. You should give in-service to other companies that are having customer service issues. The Sacrowedgy literally saved my mother from becoming a cripple. In spring of 2004 she developed severe, debilitating sciatica and what the doctor diagnosed as bursitis. She couldn't find a single comfortable position and the only relief was obtained by doing deep muscle massage to her psoas and piriformis muscles 2-3 times a day. The muscles would become so tight it felt like trying to massage tennis balls under the skin. Work was agony for her and she couldn't climb stairs anymore due to the pain. After seeing numerous doctors, a chiropractor, and having me do deep muscle massage she scheduled surgery to "release" the pifirormis by cutting it and reposition the sciatic nerve. A procedure that would require numerous weeks off of work and might only bring about "some" pain reduction per the surgeon. Two weeks prior to surgery I took a class in craniosacral therapy and bought the sacrowedgy thinking I would use it to augment my massage therapy. I never dreamed that it was the answer! When I started reading the testimonials I realized I was reading about my mother's own symptoms. By begging and pleading I managed to persuade her to try the wedgy. After lying on the Sacrowedgy she was able to sleep that night without muscle relaxers and pain medications. Two days later she was climbing stairs without pain. Five days later she canceled the surgery. Today she teaches kindergarten, dances, swims, climbs stairs and has a life thanks to the Sacrowedgy. I have told so many people about your amazing product and the incredible results. I use the wedgy myself to prevent tailbone pain and just rebalance my body. I wish you made it for children. I am a pediatric nurse and I think it would be a blessing for children who are bedridden for any amount of time. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my mother from a lifetime of agony. Your company and service are wonderful! Sincerely, Suzanne Stewart RN, MsT Anderson, IN
Suzanne Stewart 9/1/2005
Cindy, I just have to say thanks for this product.... You might be interested in my story... I've had problems with my sciatic nerve on and off for the last several years. About 6 weeks ago it started acting up again. I immediately started doing my physical therapy exercises. Unfortunately, I was rapidly approaching a sailing vacation on Lake Huron that was going to require a 14 hour car trip and I was beginning to panic at the thought. A 20 minute car trip to work was painful so I wasn't sure how I was going to survive a car trip from North Carolina to Michigan. A week before the trip I stumbled across your Sacrowedgy via the Web and was able to order and receive one 3 days before the trip. I used it religiously for those 3 days which relieved the pain sufficiently that I did, in fact make the trip with relatively little pain. In fact, I used it frequently during the long car trip as well. To make a long story short, the Sacrowedgy accomplished more in just a few days than what weeks of exercises could do. I returned from my vacation a week later (this past weekend) in far better shape -- thanks much to the Sacrowedgy. Again, thank you. A great product. Mike
Michael Connelly 7/27/2005
Sorry it has taken me so long to write this up and send it to you. I think it has been at least a month since I called you and told you about using the wedgy and how it had helped me. Anyway, I have been using it now for about six months and now I don't have the constant burning sensation in my lower leg and my back is better. I still get some pain once in a while, but I can live with that. Since I am 72 I don't expect to be like I was 30 or 40 years ago. Thank you. I have recommended the sacro-wedgy to several people, but I don't know if they ordered one or not. Sincerely, Evelyn Causey Pahrump, Nv.
Evelyn Causey 7/23/2005
I have been limping, sometimes almost dragging my right leg due to hip pain for over 6 months. Sometimes it would be less intrusive, and i thought it would just go away. Then the sciatic nerve got involved and i had agony, mostly at night. Sitting for long periods writing stories caused it. I went to an orthopedic guy twice, and he let me shuffle out of his office in pain both times. I saw the xray with the lower vertebrae out over a quarter of an inch. I looked up "butt pain" and found piriformis syndrome, and knew what was going on. i ordered the sacro wedgie, and an orthopedic seat pad from toucan, then went to a Dr. of Osteopathy. He put everything back in place in about 20 minutes. The sacro wedgie came the same day. it is only a few days later, and I am nearly pain free. The seat didn't help, but the sacro wedgie gives relief, and will be a part of my care forever. The inflammation in the hip is down this morning, and soon I will be fine. Thank you for inventing this. Also, the neck roll is perfect. Usually they are too large. By the way, i need one more neck roll. Elizabeth
Elizabeth Thurber 5/29/2005
I bought a man's wedgy about last November and have been using it ever since. It has really helped me a great deal. I have had a chronic lower back problem for the past 40 years. Last year, my condition worsened and I spent most of the time on the couch and was unable to sit for very long. I am 69 years old and retired and try to walk and swim often for exercise. In the past year, I went to three orthopedic surgeons and four neuosurgeons or neurologists. None of them saw any operable condition. I have visited chiropractors and physical therapists without any improvement. I use the wedgy 3 or 4 times per day. It almost always takes away the pain that used to run down my leg and the pain that was in my hip. Thanks for a great product. God bless, Bill Sack
Bill Sack 5/26/2005
This is my testimonial to Sacro Wedgy. But first of all, let me say that testimonials do not normally impress me. A glowing testimonial could be that of a relative, friend or neighbor that desires to further a business, so I do not let them sway me excessively. Because of that fact, mine will probably be equally accepted as questionable by others, but I assure you I do not know anyone involved in any way in this business. But also let me say that I am so grateful to you and everyone involved with the Sacro Wedgy business! I am now one of your most ardent advertisers! In fact, I tell strangers that I meet in the stores that are looking at ice packs, heat wraps, ointment, etc. I cannot believe how much this simple little piece of pink pain-relieving plastic accomplished for me!! Nearing retirement within the next 5 years, I was feeling rather disillusioned because I thought I was destined for excruciating pain the rest of my life. I found it almost unbearably painful to get out of bed, and I literally had to take my hands and lift my leg into the car to go to work each morning. I figured that all the years that I have been working & waiting for, to be able to do the things I dreamed of, were only to be put on an indefinite hold. But now, my future is looking brighter. In addition, the present is not so bad either!! By the way, I have had to adjust my medical spending account for this years open enrollment. All of the hundreds of dollars for chiropractic care (and the massage therapy which is not allowed) can now go into that retirement account. (YESSS!!!) Thank you sincerely for this "ray of hope" in my life. Pat Marcus (resident of Georgia) PS. You have my permission to use all or any portion of this testimonial to your benefit if you so desire. It is the least I could do for you, as you have done so much for me in the form of pain relief.
Pat Marcus 5/9/2005
I was about ready to give up on the SacroWedgy. After 2-3 weeks of trying it every day, I got no relief at all. I have a combination piriformis/scitatica syndrome and the sciatica was so painful that I could not find any comfortable lying position and there was sciatica pain no matter if I used a pillow or removed the cushion. The final position did the trick. If I sit on the SW on the carpet and lean back a little, the pain is gone. I sat on the SW twice now for at least 30 minutes while watching TV and the sciatica pain has reduced by 80%. I expect it clear up completely with a few more sessions. You might indicate that the sitting position is a viable option to the lying down position. At least for me, that was only position that brought any relief. Thanks for making a simple product that works. Larry Davis
Larry Davis 3/24/2005
Michael Scott 2/7/2005
I received my sacrowedgy about a month ago and am writting to tell you how pleased I am to be able to manage my hip and upper back pain since I bean using the Sacrowedgy. For me it worked right away the first time I used it. It also helped aleviate the sciatica pain I was experiencing too. You have saved me from taking daily pain killers, of which I have not had to take any since I started using the sacrowedgy and the expense of a chiropractioner. I must admit I was skeptical at first but not now. I recommend it to everyone I know who has back pain. Scotty Michaelsen North Carolina
Scotty Michaelsen 1/3/2005
My brother bought a Sacro Wedgy for me. I received it in the mail on Monday. I almost cried when I opened it at the thought of no more pain (I didn't know he had bought it for me). I tried using it Monday night, but don't think I had it positioned correctly and I didn't notice any difference. I used it again last night and was able to roll over in bed! I can't remember the last time I was able to do that without pain. I used it again this morning and I am virtually pain free!!!! I am so excited. I can stand up and sit down. I can pick up and hold my 2 year old daughter, all without pain. I am so excited and can't thank you enough. I feel like I have my life back. Sharon S Age 36, Connecticut
Sharon S 12/15/2004
In 1993 I suffered from a large lumber disc prolapse (“slipped disc”) at the L5-S1 level which was unusually serious because it resulted in a neurological deficiency which meant that my muscles had atrophied (wasted) and I had severe difficulty in walking. Because of this I had to have an operation (a discectomy) in order to take the pressure of the disc off of the nerves which it did successfully did but, of course it could not reverse the atrophy that had already occurred in my hip and leg. Because these muscles were very weak they constantly became irritated and would go into spasm and I was in constantly in and out of pain, which could only be relieved by going to the physical therapist. The pain would only be relieved on a temporary basis. My walk was also very bad and I had a limp as I had difficulty raising myself onto the ball of my foot. Eventually, I was diagnosed with piriformas syndrome. Despite going to the physical therapy for about 4 years on a weekly basis and following an exercise regime, the pain carried on. In February this year (2004) I saw an advertisement for the sacrowedgy on the internet. I read the information on the website and saw that the concept for the sacrowedgy was based on an osteopathic “sacro-cranial” technique whereby the sacrum is raised thus allowing the muscles to relax.I recognized this because my physical therapist had been using this technique and placing his hand underneath my sacrum in order to raise it up in an attempt to get the muscles to relax, however, this was not as successful for me as the sacrowedgy was because: (a) it is difficult for a therapist to place their hand in this position for the 20 minutes plus that it take for the muscles to really relax and; (b) it is difficult for the therapist to raise their hand sufficiently high enough for the muscles to relax. So I decided to take the plunge and order the “wedgy.” The first time I had to use a towel instead of the “wedgy” since the “wedgy” was a bit too painful for me. At the time when I first lay down with the towel my muscles were in spasm and I was in a great deal of pain. To my great surprise after twenty minutes I was out of pain and have been pain free ever since. I use the wedgy nearly every day and now not only am I now out of pain but many of the nerves and muscles that were “lifeless” started to come back to life and my walking has improved significantly as has my posture. The sacrowedgy was the only thing that improved my muscular problems and I shall always be grateful to Coach Meares for inventing a product that actually worked when all else failed. I am sending a copy of my medical records to the Cindy and Dino the Sacro Wedgy people so that my testimonial is backed up by corroborative evidence. NK in NYC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1]
Nicola 12/14/2004
I love your product. In fact, I have 3 at home and bought another for a relative. It works absolutely great. I use it in the car as well. Do you have or plan to make a video of any of the exercises you suggest? It's sometimes difficult to get them right from the booklet. Also, one time I went to San Jose when you were on tour and had a wonderful experience. Your people there showed me several pressure points and positions to use. However, I can't remember them all....was hoping you had something to job my memory. I highly recommend your product. I had leg pain for several years and your product has virtually eliminated it. What a godsend!!! If you have any additional written or video material, please let me know. Thanks Anne
Andrew Smithey 12/7/2004
Exchange female version for male Sacro Wedgy As soon as I used the male version of the Sacro Wedgy, I knew it was right. I don't have male body proportions so I kept thinking I just was not getting the female version placed correctly. The customer service rep asked me if I had long labor during child birth. When I said "yes" for both my children, he immediately said the male version might be better. He said they would put it in the mail the next day. Thank you. The Sacro Wedgy combined with fairly new orthodic shoe inserts has improved my long term hip bursitis and back pain in less than one week. I'm finally feeling optimistic I'll not lead the rest of my life in pain. (And it's great not to wake up through out the night to the pain of my bursitis.) L. Lloyd
L. Lloyd 10/26/2004
hello i have experienced AMAZING RESULTS with just using the sacrowedgy 4 times. i would love to give a further testimonial. also i believe so strongly in this product i would LOVE to be your spokesperson for this wonderful invention!! any jobs available?? let me know please, sincerely, adele watts-grefsrud
adele watts-grefsrud 10/16/2004
Dear Cindy, Thank you for exchanging the male for the female Sacro Wedgy. It is more suited for me. I just cannot believe you sent along a prepaid return envelope for me. How cool are YOU!!! I just love using this product! It has enabled me to do more than I’ve done in two years. I have lost a lot of income because of my injury and feel that because of consistent use of your product I will be able to return to my former work of catering, which I love. My pain was so bad so often that more than once I told my husband I thought I was going to die and that I wished I would and told him to start looking for a new wife. I was serious. But I don’t feel that any more. And I’am sure my husband is thankful too for getting his wife back. It has been a painful and sad journey and I thought there was no hope. I was on the internet constantly looking for things to help me. I didn’t want anymore pills. I’am so glad for this invention. I’ve tried tennis balls and other gadgets but nothing works like the Wedgy. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train. I hope you and your family continue to prosper and may you have peace. Sincerely, P. Baldwin
P. Baldwin 9/1/2004
The general information is female, between 61-70, seeing chiropractor and physical therapist, has suffered 8 years with pain from scoliosis and herniated disc. I started using the Sacro Wedgy as soon as it arrived (3 days ago) and I've been able to walk pain free, even with the intensive humidity - which usually disables me. It's the only thing that has helped. Even the chiropractor noticed the improvement. Thank you!
dear cindy, thankyou for recently sending me the Wedgy which was sucessfully posted to my hotel in Yellowstone Park a few weeks ago. Your service is superb and the Wedgy has made a marked improvement after 10 days my sciatic nerve and leg is nearly back to health. I am still using it daily and trying to use it twice a day, the exercises recommended are good too...exactly as my osteopath showed me how to do.I have not yet told her about the Wedgy as Iwish to ask you how do we purchase one in England and some of my friends too would at some time wish to buy one, including the ladies. I cannot really lend it out for very long. I would be pleased to hear from you regarding this matter. Best regards, yours sincerely,Nicholas Moakler.
Nicholas Moakler 6/17/2004
To all of you I want you to know just how much the sacrowedgy has done for me. I am a post polio survivor with sciatica & scoliosis. My Massage therapist Belinda White introduced the sacrowedgy to me last year around October of 2003. What a blessing it has been for me! I can not begin to tell you just how much it has helped me. I take it everywhere and I also have a spare because I do not want to be without it ever. I use it driving, working, reading, working at my computer and watching TV. I have also used it at night because I sleep on my back as I am told that is the best position for me to sleep and not on my sides or stomach. I have just one more thing to say....keep on making those sacrowedges!! Thank you so much for making my life easier. Sandy Roegner
Sandy Roegner 5/30/2004
Relief is really spelled...WEDGY! Dear folks, I had just finished a round of golf, using a motorized cart, and could hardly walk to the car. I had ordered a Sacro Wedgy and hoped it was in the mail so I could start using it. The wedgy arrived in the mail two hours later and I read and used it immediately. Here's the best part. As other have, I went through the various "medical" types of treatment; physical therapy, accupuncture, massage therapy and pills for pain. Down in the dumps and hurting terribly, I decided my retirement wasn't going to be plagued by this monster dissability. I went to the internet and searched 'sciatic nerve'. Ta-dah, the Sacro Wedgy was listed and I took a look. After reading the introduction and several testimonials, I saw part of my situation in most all of those letters. I'll give it a try!!! As you say, it is not a "quick fix", but it does something immediately that nothing else can. The first use of the Wedgy gave me hope, promis, satisfaction and most importantly a noticeable attitude adjustment. Those things alone are worth the price. I've been using it for three days now and the improvement in all areas of pain has diminished by at least 80 percent. I'm laying off of golf for a couple of weeks to give the wedgy a chance to work up to 100 percent. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be able to walk and climb stairs again without pain. I am sharing your web site with as many others as I can reach. The Wedgy is probably one of the great inventions no one has heard of. Thanks for the help. I am in you debt. Sincerely, Len Williams Ellensburg, Wa.
Len Williams 4/29/2004
IT REALLY WORKS After three days of using this product I got relief. I wish all products performed as well as the Sacro Wedgy. P. Martin NC
P. Martin 4/24/2004
I have used the female version of this wonderful product and it has made such a difference in my life. I am now hoping it will also help my son. Thanks for such a great product and I look forward to receiving our order.
Dear Cindy, I just want to let you know that the other neck pillow arrived in yesterday's mail. So thank you very much for sending it out right away. I also wanted to tell you that my husband really enjoys using his Sacro Wedgy which arrived on Friday. Saturday morning I showed him how to use it and then we both lay down with them and I put on a relaxation tape and I was telling John how to listen and let himself just relax and be comfortable. Within a couple of minutes I heard some soft snoring and HE WAS SOUND ASLEEP! I guess I won't worry about him being able to relax on the Sacro Wedgy! So we did it for 30 minutes and he said it felt fine and he will do it with me every evening! I am very pleased that he adapted to it so quickly and likes using it. SUCCESS!!! I am doing very well with mine. Over the weekend, I stopped doing the exercises that the physical therapist gave me and have just been walking slowly on our treadmill and using the SW twice a day. I am feeling so much better with this new approach so I am going to take a break from the physical therapy and most likely won't go back. I agree with what you said that often their exercises, etc, may continue to exacerbate a problem rather than help it. My sister is visiting from Las Vegas this week and I will show her my SW today since she has back problems and so is very interested. And I just spoke with my neighbor and she wants to see mine since she also has back and hip problems. So the word around here is spreading and perhaps our "Wedgite Society" will grow! I told our friend Anita in AZ that John and I are now fellow "Wedgites"! So thank you once again for everything, Cindy, and we both find the neck pillows so comfortable to use with the SW. Enjoy spring! Sincerely, Pat Biasuzzi in Providence, RI
Pat Biasuzzi 4/21/2004
My dear friend, Anita ordered the female Sacro Wedgy for me a couple of weeks ago since I have recently been suffering with sciatica/piriformis syndrome. Her father-in-law has been using his Sacro Wedgy since she purchased it for him and so he wrote to me highly recommending it. I know that she has recommended it to friends and colleagues and all have been very satisfied with their results. I have been using mine since it arrived and do find that it is helping me. I look forward to using it daily and experiencing continued improvement and am thrilled that Anita introduced me to it. So now I would like my husband to use one also since he has some chronic lower back and hip pain. I also think the cervical pillows will provide better neck support than a rolled towel so I am buying one for each of us. Thank you for such a good yet simple product that makes so much sense with what it does. Pat
Pat 4/20/2004
Krish, my father-in-law, had severe sciatic nerve problems. The Sacro Wedgy solved his problem! It is one of the greatest inventions and he is so thankful we introduced it to him. I have three other friends who have used this and it has solved their sciatic problems completely. The nice thing about the “wedgy” is that it is “all physics and no chemistry”!
Krish 4/14/2004
Note included with Sacro Wedgy® package as per sender. Dearest Pat, Please use this. This solved Krish’s sciatic nerve problem and is one of the greatest inventions. He is so thankful to us for introducing him to sacrowedgy. I have three other friends who have used this and it has solved their sciatic problem completely. The nice thing about this is that it is all physics and no chemistry. Love, Anita
Anita 4/9/2004
Mason S. Weiss HHC 23rd ASG Unit 15228 APO, AP 96271 011-82-31-690-7835 March 30, 2004 Dear Sirs: I wanted to take a moment and let you know how your device has literally changed my life. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. To put it simply, the sacrowedgy is the best $30 that I’ve ever spent on anything. Here’s some background. I am 32 old attorney and military officer. I began running long distance during my senior year of college when I was 21 years old. For five years I maintained a good program, ran two marathons and countless other races. While I had injuries here and there, like IT band problems, I never had any back pain. What I did not realize at the time is that my hips and back (which were never strong to begin with) was getting increasingly misaligned. I never worked on strengthening my stomach, abs, and core muscles and eventually came the straw that broke the camel’s back. In November 1998 when I was 26 years old I woke up one morning, a few weeks before I was supposed to run a marathon with an indescribable pain in my lower back that was so terrible I could barely get out of bed. The pain shot down my leg and was horrible. I could think of nothing that I’d done in the recent past that would have caused it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was the culmination of everything wrong that I’d been doing the previous five years. After six weeks of getting told nothing of any value from my general practitioner and orthopedist, and feeling no change I reluctantly saw a chiropractor. The first visit was incredible. I felt immediate relief, but then a few days later, felt bad again. This cycle continued for several months. I ended up taking about 18 months off of running and trying to do low impact exercises. For the next 4 years I spent thousands of dollars on chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and any thing else I could think of. I made a lot of progress from that first day of unbelievable pain and the chiropratic care and massage therapy was indispensable and I do not discount it. However I felt like I was never really dramatically improving, just managing the pain and that I’d be stuck with this for the rest of my life. In late 1999 my massage therapist gave me a sacrowedgy though he thoroughly endorsed it I only used it a few times and then put it away in the closet. What a tragic mistake that was. I did not realize at the time that sacrowedgy is not a quick fix, but a tool that you have to use regularly. In late 2002 I learned that I would be stationed in Korea for a 12-month tour beginning in July 2003, which meant probably no access to chiropractor, etc. I decided that I needed to find some way to fix myself or I would not make it for the year as I had been seeing a chiropractor between once every two weeks to twice per week for the previous 4+ years. At the end of 2002 I changed my exercise routine to start strengthening my lower back and abdominal muscles. For the last 18 months I have done a routine of pushups, pull-ups, crunches, situps and lower back exercises about 4 days a week and continued running and swimming every day. In February 2003 I decided that I would use the sacrowedgy every single day and just see what would happen. For the last 13 months I have used sacrowedgy literally every single day without fail except for the day that I flew to Korea. I use the 1” thick pad and keep the wedgy in the heat protective case. The way that I’ve made time to do this every day is by laying on it while on the floor before I go to bed at night. I simply fall asleep on the wedgy listening to relaxing music and I usually wake up after about an hour or more and then get into bed and sleep the rest of the night. After several months of doing this routine I started notice dramatic results. Since arriving in Korea 9 months ago, I have not seen a chiropractor yet my back has felt better than any time in the last 5 ½ since it started hurting. When I use the sacrowedgy, I can actually feel it working and the sounds my back and hips make when realigning into their proper position. I spent a lot of time reading your literature and trying to understand exactly how the sacrowedgy works and why it works. This helped me to feel confident that what I was experiencing was not just a result of the placebo effect. The sacrowedgy works because its based on sound principles, that make sense. I cannot explain how much this tool has changed my life. I am returning to the U.S. in a few months and will soon begin training for another marathon, something that I haven’t done in 10 years and felt that I’d never be able to do again after my back had starting hurting. I have made it through nine months without seeing a chiropractor. I was hoping to just not get any worse over this year, but I have actually improved! If I were stranded on desert Island, this is one of the few things that I would want with me. Thanks for the terrific product!!! Mason S. Weiss
Mason S. Weiss 3/30/2004
After over 1 year of sleeping on the floor, or sleepless nights, the chiropractor, physical therapist, MD, 12 advil a day, uneven pants and skirts..I could go on...I FOUND RELIEF after 1 week of use of the wedge and belt...I CANNOT thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS THE VERY BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recieved my SacroWedgy this morning as I started to the Doctors office. I was worried about going to the appointment because it is about 45 miles. I have Piraformis Syndrome and have been in the bed 90% of the time for the past 5 weeks. Riding was so hard to do and soooo painful, Well..............I used the Wedgy and I had no pain. I am still in a state of shock because I have had so much pain I was not a nice person. I have had Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. Nothing has helped like the SacroWedgy. I am a believer now. Thank you so much for your product. Sincerly, Victoria Roark
Victoria Roark 3/20/2004
Greetings. I just want to tell you that I am getting great results from the Sacrowedgy that I purchased in Jan '04. Here's my story. In September '03 in order to compensate for working a desk job at home, I began doing some very strenuous exercise which resulted in a herniated disk in my back. I was unable to walk 50' without experiencing excruciating pain. I went through 6 weeks of anti-inflammatories, then added to that 6 weeks of physical therapy with no real results. In December '03 I had an MRI that showed over 60% of the area of my spinal cord was taken up by the disk material. I purchased the Sacrowedgy in the 2nd week of January '04 and by the end of the last week of January I could walk without severe pain and spasming in my hip. In February I went to see a specialist who upon entering the room asked me, "How do you feel?" I answered, "I feel fine!" The specialist was shocked and really so was I, considering that I was almost late for the appointment and ran from the back of the parking lot into the office without thinking -- and without pain! The specialist checked my responses, and my muscle resistance, and instead of recommending me for surgery just told me to keep doing what I was doing and all might be well in about 6 months. I use the Sacrowedgy for about 20 mins a day as recommended (I miss once in a while of course). I am more than pleased, I am delighted! I've already begin recommending the Sacrowedgy (and prayer) to all my 40-something friends that have experienced varying levels of back pain. I saw it on the website 5 years ago and brushed it off, but I'm glad it's still there. Thanks for listening.
Albert P. Caldwell 2/20/2004
Thank you all for your very quick and efficient processing of my order. I received the Sacro Wedgy and put it to use immediately. Contrary to what you have stated about the results of usage, I have found some short term relief within the first two or three uses of the Sacro Wedgy! Amongst my various health ailments, I have a right knee that it bone on bone. I take Syn Visc shots in the knee twice a year to float the bone. That process does alleviate quite a bit of the problem and not all of it. I ski, downhill. And, last week I was limping afterwards and then my Sacroiliac started giving me problems. I had a car accident a couple of years ago and the only area affected was my S/I bilaterally. Besides skiing, I am in a water physical therapy two to three times a week. I am moving all of my severely arthritic joints, at least in the water, quite well. Then the pain of last week put me on the bench. I will continue to use the SacroWedgy at home, in the car, and before and after my skiing. THANKS CHARLES SCHLESINGER
I think this is the 8th Sacro Wedgy I’ve purchased. Everyone I give this to “loans” it to someone else….and never seems to get it back!! What a great invention! So small, yet so perfect. It saved my husband from having to have back surgery. He’s a huge believer in this product. Thanks! K. Vivian
K. Vivian 12/11/2003
A couple of month ago I developed a tremendous pain in my right buttock and leg. I immediately went to the internet and LUCKILY, found Dino's excellent web page, explaining in great detail what it is, that causes this excruciating pain! Rather than paying my $ 20 Medicare doctor's visit, I quickly purchased a Sacrowedgy from you and started to use it right away and lo and behold after siting on it, the pain started to go away!!! One would like to shout it from the roof tops, about this tremendous invention, so simple and yet so very effective. Thank you so very,very much Cindy and Dino for relieving my terrible aches and giving me back my nightly rest and sleep. Yes, I also purchased the companion to the Sacrowedgy, the Neck Roll and before going into my longer nightly sleep. I lay for 30 minutes to half an hour on the neck roll and Sacrowedgy!
hendrik 10/14/2003
In just 8 days my entire back is pain free ! After years of working for Fed-x and worrying that I might not be able to do the lifting etc. required, due to multiple spasms as well as muscle sprains on the left side of my back, I now have newfound hope ! I have a slight scoliosis and have survived (barely) with pain relievers, muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories as well as chiropractic care. All of the aforementioned only gave me temporary relief. The sacro wedgy has already strengthened my back to where I can situp straight with little effort, walk taller and keep my shoulders back, sleep soundly without waking up numerous times during the night, and wake up loose and pain free ! None of these were possible just 9 days ago ! I'm not kidding nor is it only in my mind ! There's a huge difference in every aspect of my being, even my disposition ! I have already told a few people at work and 2 guys will be ordering from you. I have lent out the papaers that came with my sacro wedgy so others may find relief in a place where back pain is all too common. Again, thanks for this MIRACLE and for creating and making available the tool that has changed my life in so many positive ways ! John F. Raad
John F. Raad 9/30/2003
Hi! I purchased a Sacrowedgy not more than a week ago. Altho in your literature and online it stated that this item is not a "quick fix". It sure seems that way to me! I have been suffering with minor back pain most of my adult life from helping my former husband with the construction of a custom home and from an old ski injury when I was 20. Most recently I had a flare up this past Thanksgiving when I was helping my oldest son and his family move to the Bay Area. I jumped in and helped pack, clean and move. It was after this moving, that things started to go WAY down hill. I was sleeping on the sofa because it was the only place I could find to be comfortable with the growing pain in my hip and lower back. Three months ago things had gotten so out of control, that I was in constant pain, walking bent over, getting absolutely no sleep but still had to work as a day care provider. I hate going to medical doctors so I decided to go to a chiropractor. Immediately I felt some relief and I continue to go to regular weekly adjustments. Altho, set backs did happen. After a chiropractic adjustment that did not go well, it was suggested I should go to a medical doctor for an MRI to be sure I didnt have a herniated disc. I finally broke and went to a medical doctor who of course prescribed a muscle relaxant and mega doses of motrin along with some physical therapy. My medical doctor did not want to do an MRI as he felt it was "possible" a disc was herniated but he didn't really think so. However, it wasnt until I started doing some online research about herniated discs, piriformis syndrome, and other related back problems, that I really found something that would help out. That being the Sacrowedgy. I ordered one and received it May 22, 2003, figuring I didnt have anything to lose. I used my wedgy during the Memorial day weekend even tho I was sitting in the car most of the time. I am back home and I am religiously using my wedgy morning, noon and nite time. As you stated it was a bit uncomfortable at first and I still feel a slight tightness of the piriformis muscle and the psoas muscle on my left side when I am laying down. I am continuing with isometric exercises and I cant believe much better I feel in just a weeks time!!! I can feel the muscles that have caused me to get this way slowly releasing. Enough so that last nite May 29, as I got out of my car and walked to the bank ATM...I thought WOW...I am walking almost normal! I didnt have that sharp pressure pain in my hip joint. I am getting married approximately 10 weeks from now and I am positive that I will not look like my back is in a snake pattern....all curvy . I can see a remarkable difference when I look at my backside already! As I sit here typing this email, my left hip has literally NO PAIN!!! When I get up to help one of my day care kids, I can stand up with no pain whatsoever. When I do feel some pain creeping up, I get my wedgy, do some isometric exercises and rest for 10 or 15 minutes and I am ready to go again! I am so forever grateful that I found your website and my new life long friend - the Sacrowedgy. Thank you so much for giving me my life back! Sincerely, Kristi Drellack San Leandro, CA
Kristi Drellack 5/30/2003
Hello Again: I wrote you a few weeks ago and promised that I would send you an update on your product and how it worked for me, so here's my summation: I honestly have to say, in a word, that it DOES what you promote it to! I have had a MAJOR syndrome with my sacro region literally for years! I have tried everything and when I say everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING. Let me name them: Mechanotherapists Chiropractors (who tell you you'll just have to come back, as it takes a few treatments. Well, sometimes it does and I have gotten relief, but I am back for another adjustment in a few weeks. Anyway, Pain Management Electro stimulation Traction Heat Ice RX Muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, OTC, ie Advil, Aleve etc. Bio-Freeze Emu Blue Stuff (HA! Takes away the pain in 5 minutes, LOL!) Massage therapists, one after another. Generally are good, so I can't really put them here. I had at one time seen seven (7) Doctors, one which gave me a shot of Motrin right in the joint, but she was the only one who would at least TRY to get me some help! The others told me that they didn't know what was wrong. They all did the same thing and told me that it wasn't a disc and it wasn't a nerve since I had full range of motion and no numbness. So they would give me yet another RX for Muscle relaxers Physical Therapy (which put me in bed for 12 days) She was incorrect about what I was suffering from and nearly killed me with odd stretches. Herbalist (for natural supplements. He did help quite a bit) Shots of Cortisone X-rays MRI's all of which they told me there was 'nothing wrong with my back'. Well, there you have it. The only thing I never tried was acupuncture, but why waste more money. I have come up with a rough figure on what I have spent over the years trying to find something to help me and came up with around $15,000.00 I am NOT exaggerating. Insurance only goes so far. I have used the Sacro-Wedgie religiously since April 20th. The sharp stabbing 'knife in my hip' pain is pretty much gone. I am able to do the pelvic tilts without the 'crunching' and aching I used to have and many more of the symptoms that went along with this sacro-syndrome are really lightening up. Although I am not totally pain free, I believe this little wedge of pink rubber is what I have been praying for for over 28 years. It all started when I was pregnant for the first time, when I laid on the floor to stretch out and couldn't get up and laid there in tears. I could not move my left leg to get off the floor. You were correct when you advised me to wait a few days more before working out again. It is only now that I feel like I can get back to the gym and be productive. The healing process does take time to begin. I am still using it daily and will continue to look for the amazing results as I've gotten so far. That's it for now, but if I have any new information, I will pass it along. I would like to tell all of this to the man who invented it. He's a God send! Very sincerely yours, Mary Federico Chardon, OH
Mary Federico 5/16/2003
I have used the Sacro Wedgy for many years. It has saved me hundreds of dollars and eliminated nagging pain. I run the Peachtree Road Race every year and in 1993 there was a good possibility that I would miss the race due to sudden & severe back pain. After a very good track workout, I developed a sudden pain in my back, between leaving the track & walking to my car. The pain intensified during the night and by the next morning I could barely walk. I visited the chiropractor for the first time in my life, attempting to receive relief. I made regular visits to the chiropractor for a month, each time receiving temporary relief for a few days. Two days before the Peachtree Road Race, I met Cindy & Dino at the Peachtree Expo. They were giving away, what looked like free adjustments and after spending a hundred dollars for each chiropractic visit, I was ready for a free adjustment. I laid on the sacro wedgy for a few minutes and was shown a few exercises. After the session I stood up and felt different. I ran the next morning and felt the better than I had felt in more than a month. I went back to the expo that evening and experienced another Sacro Wedgy session. I told Cindy & Dino that I had to have a Sacro Wedgy. The next day, I ran the Peachtree Road Race faster than I had run the year before. I have used the sacro wedgy on a regular basis since 1993 and have recommended it to everyone that has been willing to listen. My daughter gave the Sacro Wedgy a new name, "The Butt Cup". Walter A. Pinion Atlanta, GA
Walter A. Pinion 4/4/2003
We need to tell you about the wonderful relief my husband has gotten from your Sacro Wedgy. We ordered it on Feb. 24, 2003 and received it about 5 days later. He has been using it since, with great results. He has had a bad back for years and has had ten different back surgeries and has the lower 5 bones fused in his back. He started having severe pain (different from the usual pain) in his left hip and leg as from a pinched sciatic nerve. That is almost completely gone now and the regular pain has subsided some. I was worried that we might have to change our full time RV lifestyle because of his pain. He had almost quit playing water volleyball (almost the only type of exercise he can do, as he can't walk or ride a bike) Now he is back to playing wvb again and loves it. I am so thankful for the relief he has and the "new" husband I have again Carol Mimms
Carol Mimms 4/2/2003
Dear Mr. Field, After a herniated disk problem led to a major case of piriformis syndrome almost 4 years ago, I was making very slow progress with physiotherapy and chiropractic care. The doctors seemed right... I'd have a hard time walking straight again, never mind getting back to running a 10 K. In April 2000, I discovered your website, and said what the heck! The fundamental principles seemed to make sense, and I purchased my sacro wedgy. The progress accelerated significantly. By June, I started running slowly again. I was back racing by September, and I have run 5 marathons (and a dozen shorter races)since. I have also used my sacro wedgy daily since the time of purchase. As you can understand, I can't find any solid parts to my elevation pad to rest my sacro wedgy on anymore. After my success with it, my sister-in-law tried it and ordered a lady sacro wedgy last summer. And I will be getting one for my fiancée in the next few weeks... I did have a question for you, though. Those elevation pads... do you make extra thick ones? Within a few weeks, I felt I wanted a little more of a stretch, so in the last three years, I have been using a version of Melville's "Moby Dick" that neatly fits under the elevation pad with minimal spillover to get me extra elevation. Just checking... In any case, thanks again for the generous offer, and as you can tell, I am a big fan. Good luck spreading the good news. Take care. Marcel Parent
Marcel Parent 3/25/2003
Thank you guys for creating this product. Sciatica/ITB problems bothered me for a good 3 weeks in Nov'02. Tried a lot of remedial solutions but seemed to get zero results. Got my sacrowedgy on Thanksgiving Day. From thereon using xtraining (sta bike and walking) as an alternate to running, I was able to get back to running on Jan '03. This month of March, I ran the LA Marathon + bike tour and Catalina Marathon. I'm not 100% back but so grateful that I was able to participate on marathons again. Your customer reps were very helpful in expediting my order quickly and responding to some of my questions. Ben Gaetos Los Angeles, CA
Ben Gaetos 3/19/2003
Thank you guys for creating this product. Sciatica/ITB problems bothered me for a good 3 weeks in Nov'02. Tried a lot of remedial solutions but seemed to get zero results. Got my sacrowedgy on Thanksgiving Day. From thereon using xtraining (sta bike and walking) as an alternate to running, I was able to get back to running on Jan '03. This month of March, I ran the LA Marathon + bike tour and Catalina Marathon. I'm not 100% back but so grateful that I was able to participate on marathons again. Your customer reps were very helpful in expediting my order quickly and responding to some of my questions. Ben Gaetos Los Angeles, CA
Ben Gaetos 3/19/2003
Cindy, I received the Sacrowegy on the day you sent this E-mail, i have been using it eveyday since and i am more than pleased to say i am getting pain relief already, from my severe case of Sciatica, and troubled Gluteals. This product is absolutely amazing, for an item that is really so simplistic. Further to my E-mail i sent from my home address, i am really keen and interested in marketing the Sacrowedgy here in Sydney, and possibly all over Australia. I wish to continue to liase with you in order to possibly get something started here in the land downunder. Anyhow i will keep in touch, and continue to use this amazing device to further relieve my pain and realign my hip area. But most of all prevent this pain from ever coming back. Regards Darryn Lang
Darryn Lang 3/16/2003
Dear Cindy: We are writing you again to update you on Marcel's progress with his running thanks to the help of the Sacrowedgy. I have to admit, stepping over him every morning while he's on the floor doing his stretch with his Sacrowedgy, it gives me a thrill to know that he gets to keep running and doing the physical activity he does because of that weird little blue thing he's laying on. He just ordered me my own! I can't wait to use it! However, we've hit another snag in the road. While surfing your site, I noticed that one of your clients used it to sit on during long plane trips and it showed the Sacrowedgy sitting in a chair, so after hearing him complain that his back was bothering him after sitting at work for 8 hours, I showed him the picture and now he takes it to work with him and it's been working great! He uses the firm elevation pad that you sent him at work to compensate for his squishy chair and he uses the soft one at home! He's got no complaints and he sends you his thanks. However, here's the snag, while packing it the other day to take it to Ottawa for the National Capital Marathon (which he finished in 3 hours and 55 minutes, only 7 minutes off his personal best and finishing in the top 40% of the runners), I noticed that it has started to crack on the inside of the main area and a few small cracks on the outside (I noticed there is a fair sized one near the top on the outside). He's afraid it's going to go on him any day. So I was wondering, how do we go about getting a replacement? I didn't see anything on the website about just ordering the blue part, can you give us some guidance on how to go about getting him another? I know he'll be really cranky if he doesn't have his Sacrowedgy stretch every morning and I'll have to hear him complain about his squishy chair again. Any assistance you can give us will be GREATLY appreciated and by the way, Marcel thanks you profusely for the added elevation pads, they've really made the difference. Next stop, The Whiteface Mountain Uphill Footrace in 3 weeks and we are 4 months away from the Montreal Marathon...we'll let you know how he does! But he isn't doing bad for a guy who in December of 1999 was diagnosed with a L5-S1 disc herniation and also required treatment for his Psoas and Piriformis. At that time, he was told he'd never run again. He just keeps running circles around me and he keeps making me prouder everyday! (But I did walk 6 miles of the 26 he ran last weekend. Someone's got to take the pictures!) Thanks again. Sheri Pate (& Marcel Parent training hard in the background)
Sheri Pate 3/14/2003
Well, I founded the Gulf Winds Track Club in Tallahassee--in the early 1970's. 25 years ago a s a 37 year old I was a marathoner and 50 mile runner.I used to run 100 plus miles a week. I thought that I was invincible--wrong. I ran over 100 marathons and about 6-- 50 milers and hundreds of other races. In preparing for the "Springtime Tallahassee 10 k" race 25 years ago-I noticed a "pain " in my hip --at the time I recorded in my diary -that I didn't know what kind of pain it was--only that it was maybe bone or muscle or nerve--I had never had anything hurt like that. I was having the race of my life in the Springtime 10 K --and about 2 to 3 miles my leg went numb-- As it turns out I had piriformis syndrone and sciatic nerve involvment. I went to an orthopedist --he offered drugs and then wanted to operate-- and then I went to a Chiropractor that recommended exercises--What I needed was a sacrowedgy. and to an accupuncturist --that might have given some symptomatic relief from pain. I got orthodics --which at the time was the recommended treatment --in running circles-- I just gave up on ever getting relief from doctors. TOO BAD --I did not know about sacrowedgy then. In the last 25 years I have tried to restart my running career (many times)--and my hip has gotten progressively worse --and not only was the piriformis irritated --the psoas progressively began to hurt worse and worse --to the point of not being able to lift my leg without pain--therefore more frustration and pain. And the range of motion was impaired --due to the pain I did not want to move the hip. Every step was pain and I had a noticable limp --for years. I had just about given up on ever being pain free-- and by chance I did a search on the web --and came across your ad-box on google. I now have 2 sacrowedgies--I keep one in my vehicle and use it when I drive-- And I have one at home and use it 20 to 22 min. each day with maybe 2 aditional --5 min. sessions of the feet together and knees apart --very relaxing. I also have a belt --which I have used some -- when I needed it. ============================ Today -- I am symptom free (no hurting Piriformis)-- I have NO sciatic pain My Illioposis is pain free. My hip feels like it NEVER hurt-- what a blessing. And even though I am so much better--now. I am going to continue with my sessions on the Sacrowedgy. ================ It seems that any health professional I contacted --only offered drugs and symptom relief-- the sacrowedgy (I feel ) goes to the cause of the problem and allows the body to heal. ========================= I want to thank you for making this wonderful piece of equipment available-- It has been a blessing to me. Cheers, Andy Burns
Andy Burns 2/27/2003
Hi there - I didn't know where to send this, but I just wanted to say thanks because the sacro-wedgy has done what 3 running doctors and 2 physical therapists and 6 weeks of physical therapy could not resolve. I have been running for just over 3 years, and somehow in the past year I strained/pulled/injured my periformis muscle. I tried running doctors and was told everything from "its your hip flexors that are too tight", "stop running", "its your hamstrings" but no one was very helpful. The physical therapist, while dogmatic about trying to find a fix, couldn't do anything with massage and strengthening the other leg muscles. $200 worth of co-pays later, I was out on the street, still in pain. A friend I run with suggested the sacro wedgy, and I have to admit, I was skeptical, but when the pain got to be so bad that I couldn't bend over, I called her up and borrowed an old one (she's got a stack of them in case they one day are no longer available!) and started lying on it twice a day for 20 minutes. After a week and a half, my butt felt better but would still plague me when trying to run up hills and curbs. I continued using it twice a day, but then two days in a row, I lay on it for over 40 minutes, and, miracle of miracles, I've been pain free since. I continue to run and do yoga almost daily, and will continue to lie on my sacro wedgy when the need arises. Thanks, and might I suggest that you think of attending the health and fitness expos that usually run the days before marathons to promote this wonderful accessory? Thanks for helping me, Tiffany Stones Houston, TX
Tiffany Stones 2/18/2003
To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for shipping me the male version of the Sacro Wedgy. As soon as I laid on it, I knew it was the right one. With this letter, I am returning the female version of the wedgy. I have found relief in the use of the male wedgy. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Doreen Bohanon
Doreen Bohanon 1/15/2003
From: Kenneth L. Malamud, M.D. The Center for Health and Well Being The Sacro Wedgy is an important and complementary component of the lifestyle changes I recommend to patients (after appropriate w/u) with both upper and lower back pain. Some "Pearls" to consider when instructing patients just beginning to use the Sacro Wedgy are: 1. Ease into the Sacro Wedgy by using relaxation and meditation techniques to relaaaax into it. 2. Use guided imagery techniques in conjunction with the excellent exercise and stretching techniques recommended on the Sacro Wedgy website and instructions to ease your sacro-spinal system back into balance. 3. An excellent Relaxation/Meditation technique that I recommend while relaxing on the wedgy is a breathing exercise that is very easy to master. INHALE DEEPLY THROUGH YOUR NOSE to a count of 4. HOLD YOUR BREATH to a count of 7. EXHALE THROUGH PURSED LIPS to a count of 8. (A hissing sound is preferred.) Repeat this 8-10 times. An advanced technique is to hold the tip of your tongue to the junction of your upper teeth and hard palate during the entire breathing exercise. In Eastern Tradition this completes an Energy Circle and intensifies the Relaxation Experience. Feel free to contact me with any questions concerning on this or other techniques that can be used with the wedgy. Dr. Kenneth Malamud
Dr. Kenneth Malamud MD 12/30/2002
Male between ages 41-50, involved in sports, hurting 1 month from leaning over wrong. Comments: I just received this tool and it already seemed to help relieve some of the pressure in my pelvic area, especially relieved the pressure when walking. Thank you for this great product. Tony Proslek St. Pete, FL
Tony Proslek 12/17/2002
I just thought I should tell you that my wife and I have been using your Sacro Wedgy for a couple of years now, and I recommend it to everyone I know if they mention back pain. I bought when I developed sciatica a couple of years ago - Sacro Wedgy sorted me out in a matter of a few weeks. And since then if I get the odd back or heel pain, I use the Wedgy for a day or so and I am better again. My wife, too, is also an occasional user. I am about to order a couple of wedgies for my Mother and my sister, both with back problems now. I figured I should just say "thanks" for a pain-free couple of years. Kind regards, Ian Zatman Matfield England
Ian Zatman 11/19/2002
Dear Cindy, I am returning the women's size Sacro Wedgy and keeping the men's size. Thank you so much for sending the men's size for me to try. It seems much more comfortable than the women's and after using it a couple times a day for three days and wearing your brace (hip belt) my sciatica feels much better. I also appreciate the speed with which you filled my order. It was here two days after I ordered it. I had expected to have to wait a week or so. Thanks again. Your products are amazing! Mary Van Deman, Phoenix, AZ
Mary Van Deman 11/6/2002
Many thanks for sending the two new pads, though the old one is squashed beyond recognition, I'm still trying to find a way to recycle it. The Wedgy saved my bacon! After months of excruciating pain in every step of daily life, I found out about the Wedgy and sent for it, even though I am always skeptical about any quick fix. I was desperate enough to hope for any relief at all. When it arrived, I tried it immediately. Although the pressure seemed uncomfortable at first, with deep breathing I was able to relax and the shooting pain in my leg started to subside. After twenty minutes, I rolled off and got up and the acute pain had indeed subsided, for the first time in several months. I knew I would recover - what a feeling of hope! - to an active life. Each day the pain was less as muscles relaxed and my spine moved into balance and alignment. After a week, the pain was really gone, the agonizing pinch and shooting electrical jolts that caused my whole life to become so narrow and self-focused. There are certainly lessons to be learned from living with pain, but it makes it difficult to share life's blessings. Thank you for helping me recover. Sincerely. Bob Sidenberg
Bob Sidenberg 10/21/2002
Hi there, My name is Nizam Ali . I live on the island of Trinidad & Tobago, in the Caribbean. MY brother in New Hampshire purchased the sacrowedgy for me on my advise. You see ,I have been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis grade 1. Since then I have been undergoing therapy at the general hospital. I discovered the sacrowedgy after browsing through the internet for more info on my condition.I received the sacrowedgy on sunday 06 oct 02. Today makes it 3 days that I am using it and I thank the Almighty Creator for helping me find it. I was experiencing awful sciatica pains in my right cheek and right thigh but all that is gone now. I am hoping and prayng that the burning, tingling and pain in both my feet will soon go.Thank you all once again and may the Almighty Creator bless all those involved in this discovery. Respectfully Nizam
Nizam 10/9/2002
My complaint began on a typical sunny Miami morning when getting out of bed caused a sharp pain to pierce through my leg and shot up my back. I went to a chiropractor right away and was x-rayed, placed on the table and adjusted. I felt some relief afterwards but as the days, weeks and about 10 months went by the pain reoccurred and repeated visits to the chiropractor didn't help. My disbelief was the fact that this was not caused by an accident or sports injury I just got out of bed! I'm only 29 years old and as I'd done many times before when having to solve a problem I turned to the Internet to find other sufferers and/or advice that would relieve the pain. I swore I would find something, order it, try it and if it didn't work return it. That's how I found Sacro Wedgy and I haven't looked back. As of two weeks of use I felt almost complete relief, and after 3 months I was my own self again. I've loaned it to my father in-law and recommend it whenever the topic emerges. I hope anyone with similar discomfort at least tries the device as it proved its worth to me a hundred fold. Sincerely, Edgar C.
Edgar C. 8/20/2002
I have been using the Sacro Wedgy® for over 10 years and it has become a daily part of my life. As a track/cross country and personal training coach, keeping athletes healthy is important. I have found the Sacro Wedgy to be a vital tool for my athletes in aiding their recovery and injury prevention. We use it as a pre-warm up or post practice/competition recovery regimen. I have noticed quicker recovery from workouts and injuries. The pounding of running causes many joint, tendon and muscle problems. Some typical injuries such as piriformis syndrom (pain in the butt), sciatic nerve, hip pain and even some knee problems have been overcome. A consistent use of the Sacro Wedgy has reduced injuries and downtime. The amount of time you put into a workouts is long and a simple 20 minutes a day use of the Sacro Wedgy can help you stay on course for success. My own first hand use of the Sacro Wedgy has seen great results. I had a very bad bout of sciatica and by lying on the Sacro Wedgy 3 to 4 times a day for 2 days I recovered completely. The great thing about the Sacro Wedgy is I can take it on the road. Whether driving or flying I just put it on the seat and sit on it. I do not experience the tired legs or back stiffness you normally get from traveling. You can also lie on it wherever you travel. I have seen world-class athletes lying on the Sacro Wedgy in hotel lobbies and airport terminals. I would highly recommend the Sacro Wedgy to anyone. For athletes it is a must to maintain proper muscle balance in order to stay on the path to consistent workouts and successful competition. A runner with tight hips or a muscle imbalance is like a bicycle with a square wheel. Steve Schoenewald
Steve Schoenewald 5/16/2002
Thank you very much for sending me my second Sacro Wedgy. As you can see from the item enclosed (hard to describe - very flat), I enjoyed my first Sacro Wedgy very much. My favorite place to use it was in my car. Sitting on the Sacro Wedgy made long distance driving a lot easier for me. I learned the hard way that my Sacro Wedgy was not very fond of summers in Florida. I promise to take better care of my new product and look forward to years of enjoyment. Thanks for developing such a great product. Keep up the good work! Your friend, David Adelman Gulfport, FL
David Adelman 4/12/2002
A 1993 truck accident left me with several herniated discs, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar, with the most excruciating pain and burning at L-5/S-1 in my lower back. I began intensive conventional therapies which continued for 6 1/2 years and cost the system over $59,000. These therapies included electro-stimulation, ultrasound, skeletal manipulations, heat packs, tissue massage, and traction. The only relief I experienced was from traction, momentarily, only during the process, while I was being pulled apart. Searching out alternative options for my disabled condition, I visited an out of state health convention and stopped at the Sacro Wedgy display booth, spoke with about the nicest people I have run across, tried the product for ten minutes, and shock of all shocks!, I walked around the health convention for the next 2 hours before they closed without ANY pain in my lower back. WOW! The injuries I sustained in this accident have left me permanently disabled to the present, and I never received any conventional surgeries, I have discontinued conventional therapies, and use the Sacro Wedgy as needed for daily pain relief to get through my days, without medications and their side effects. The device has been a true blessing for me. Thank you. Still standing tall and walking, Rob Blakeslee Avon, Ohio
Rob Blakeslee 3/15/2002
I recently visited your booth at the Austin Whole Life Expo and purchased a Sacro-Wedgy after receiving the demonstration on how to use it properly. I have used it for about 3 or 4 days now and have been amazed with the results. I have been receiving chiropractic care for a herniated disk and this has slowly helped, but the Sacro-Wedgy has almost completely eliminated my pain from sciatica. It seems to be a natural fit to supplement chiropractic care, or maybe eliminate the need for chiropractic care in the first place. I cannot recommend your product highly enough. Thanks Corey Kasberg
Corey Kasberg 2/25/2002
Dear Cindy, Among the many products I sell is the Sacro Wedgy. An account of mine in Maine bought a Sacro Wedgy for his wife who was seeing a chiropractor three times a week at $40.00 per visit. Her chiropractor told her she would need to visit him three times a week for life!! After three weeks on the Sacro Wedgy she was able to stop going to the chiropractor. Let's add up the savings: 1. 40 x 3 = $120 a week 2. $120 x 52 = $6,240 per year 3. $6,240 x 20 (the woman began using the wedgy in her mid 40's) = $124,800 4. The Sacro Wedgy and neck pillow @ $44. will save this family over $120,000 over 20 years. Neil R. Barry
Neil R. Barry 2/16/2002
Dear Cindy, I have been using the Sacro Wedgy since 1984. I have used it for neck, middle, and lower back strains. It never fails to deliver on its promises. In the year 2000 I really strained my lower back badly. For the first time I had to go to Physical Therapy for 3 weeks and Occupational Therapy for 2 weeks. Then it was back to my very physical part-time job. Well in addition to my daily exercises I employed the Sacro Wedgy for extended periods. The exercises got me through the day and the Sacro Wedgy got me through the night. I was in pain part of the day for nine months. One night I was laying on the Sacro Wedgy and I employed a right leg movement. Straightening my leg I felt a dull soreness and pain. I bent my leg again, straightened it out and the pain was gone. I am now using the Sacro Wedgy as a meditation strategy along with music and the level of calm I'm achieving is amazing. Neil Barry, Lynn, MA P.S. Neil sometimes has the Sacro Wedgy to sell and does not mind demonstrating or answering any questions. One of Neil's quotes is "if it hurts at first than that's the worst" or "if it hurts that means it's working!" 1 (781) 599-5686
Neil R. Barry 1/2/2002
Male between ages 61-70, involved in sports, has seen a variety of professionals for 30 years for "injuries from accidents & work. He states "I've had the Wedgy approximately 2 years & haven't been back to any of the above drs. in all that time. It's one of the best products I've ever bought. Tom Tennie, Hurricane, UT
Tom Tennie 12/7/2001
Several months ago I ordered a Sacro Wedgy in hopes use of it would help relieve the pain I was suffering from a herniated disc. Multiple visits to my family doctor & to a chiropractor did nothing to alleviate the pain. In fact, it was actually increasing. I tried the Sacro Wedgy per your instructions & received relief within a couple months' time. I credit your device for my improvement since I made no other changes in my care & have not returned for any more doctor visits. I have recommended the Sacro Wedgy to a friend with lower back pain. I am very grateful for pain relief. Donald Carson
Donald Carson 10/10/2001
Several months ago I ordered a Sacro Wedgy in hopes use of it would help relieve the pain I was suffering from a herniated disc. Multiple visits to my family doctor and to a chiropractor did nothing to alleviate the pain. In fact it was actually increasing. I tried the Sacro Wedgy per your instructions and received relief within a couple months time. I credit your device for my improvement since I made no other changes in my care and have not returned for anymore doctor visits. I have recommended the Sacro Wedgy to a friend with lower back pain. I am very grateful for pain relief. Donald Carson
Donald Carson 10/10/2001
This product is truly a miracle. After repeated chiropractic treatments of stimulation and adjustments I had come to my ropes end. The pain and constant discomfort was impeding with my normal ability to live a normal life. On a last minute whim I ordered this product (honestly thinking this was a joke). When the product arrived my wife and I chuckled but then I tried it and kept on trying it every evening for 10 minutes while watching TV. It took a while to be able to lie on it for 20 minutes. Within 2 days I noticed my back pain starting to dissipate and after a 2 week continual period of use. I was back to normal. I will use this product for the rest of my life. I would be glad to recommend the Sacro Wedgy to anyone with chronic lower back trouble. How do I become a Marketing Representative of this product, please send me some information. This is a product I really believe in!!! Steve Monell 41-50 year old male
Steve Monell 9/13/2001
Frieda 7/9/2001
About a year and a half ago my piriformis muscle went into a spasm which completely incapacitated me. I mean I could not move! The next day I got myself over to my primary care physician, was examined and diagnosed that my muscle was the problem and not the sciatic nerve. I was given prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and a pain reliever which I took. The next day with no discernible improvement I called my doctor who then prescribed an industrial strength pain reliever. It worked! But when it wore off I found the pain was just as bad. Since I'd never heard the word piriformis before I decided to look it up on my computer using for my search engine. Lots of good information. A sports medicine doctor described the muscle, and explained his treatment which sounded reasonable. As I scrolled down I came across the Sacro-Wedgie ad. With nothing to lose, I ordered one. When it arrived I put it to use immediately for about 20 minutes. I must say I got some relief. Next day I gave it another 20 or so minutes and felt better still. By the third day all the pain was gone! I now only use it occasionally but when I travel it is just as important a part of luggage as my razor or toothbrush. I have since purchased 2 more for friends who complained of back problems. Don't know if they got relief or not. Keep up the good work! John Kelly, San Antonio
John Kelly 6/12/2001
Dear Cindy, Thank you so much for all your help. My lower back and hip are starting to feel better. The longer blue wedgy for men has helped a lot. Now my hips relax right away. I'm short, 5'1"but my hips are narrow. I've been using the wedgy for three and a half months, two to four times per day. A common explanation I've received from chiropractors and natural doctors concerning my lower back is that as long as it took to get to where I was in my health is how long it will take to recover my back. Over the past twenty years I have experienced a steadily progressing tightness in my lower back. But I didn't really take it seriously until there was constant pain and fatigue when doing anything. Just standing in line at the grocery store my legs would buckle so I had to hang on the counter or my cart. Walking became extremely difficult since about four years ago. I felt that I was lifting lead bricks with each stop. Then last year, '99, I made up my mind to do whatever it took to recover my back and my ability to walk without assistance. At first I thought I had MS. Then I really checked through tests and found I had Epstein-Barr virus in the fluid of my backbone and with further testing I found I had severe osteoporosis in my lower back and hip. I got rid of the Epstein-Barr virus and am working on the osteoporosis intensely besides using the Sacro Wedgy. But I feel that it is the Sacro Wedgy, which is helping my body to remember how it should be and that is a very powerful help in correcting itself. You see, twenty years ago I had four children each born one year apart by C-section. My husband is Japanese and I have noticed that Japanese babies can be heavier than western babies, even though they may be physically small. My children were heavy but I didn't notice it so much at the time. Later, I had some experience with caring for American children and Japanese-American children. It was then I realized there is a difference. I'm only 5'2" and I've had a wonderful life but I do wish I had the Sacro Wedgy a long time ago. At this rate maybe by the time I'm 54 I'll be myself again. I used to be a fast runner. My children say when they were little I didn't miss a thing. I was everywhere! Now, they see my lying on the wedgy so often but they notice my pace, although limpy, is quickening. I'm encouraged and the fact is my sciatic nerve is not unbearable. Also, sitting with the hip belt on is possible now. I'm wearing it all the time for strength. It feels so good. I can't imagine going to a chiropractor every time my back is out. It's so often! So, I just lie down on the wedgy and relax. I use a buckwheat pillow under my neck and after about ten minutes my back feels so good. Then I rotate my hips letting each one fall down - back and forth a few times then back to regular position. Sometimes when I'm really sore I just stretch my back by pulling my knees to my chest and take a deep breath. Then let it out and finish the 20 minutes. It's amazing; by 20 minutes every time I'm perfectly comfortable. So, I quickly put on the hip belt to "keep it" as long as possible. The wedgy is a fine invention and so is the belt. You have said to use it on a regular basis. My husband thinks once a week should be fine. Of course he doesn't have a constant problem, just sometimes. He'll surely use it then and realize what I'm talking about! It must be wonderful to live and work at something that is so beneficial to so many. Thank you and have a very healthy happy holiday. Sincerely, Wendy Katakura
Wendy Katakura 12/20/2000
Dynamite, very empowering. Finally something that worked! Paul Fendler Rye, NY
Paul Fendler 12/12/2000
I've had the Wedgy approx. 2 years and haven't been back to any of my doctors (Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist) in all that time. Its one of the best products I have ever bought. Tom Jennie Hurricane, UT
Tom Jennie 12/5/2000
My name is Tom McKinnon - I own a paper company with employees required to lift all day long. It's only a matter of time before someone has back pain & what I do now is buy them a Sacro Wedgy & encourage immediate use to avoid expensive treatment. I've seen it work for them & I've even had to use it myself. It's simple, affordable & has probably saved my company thousands of dollars. I recommend that every employer encourage their work force to start using this drug free, natural way to combat back pain. Tom McKinnon
Tom McKinnon 10/15/2000
I have been a professional window cleaner in NYC for over 15 years. Climbing in & out of windows, heavy lifting, etc. is very physically demanding & hard on the back, but I have found that a combination of hatha yoga & the regular use of the Sacro Wedgy are very helpful in avoiding back trouble. I almost never need a chiropractor - every five or six years at the most - even though I have both scoliosis & lordosis! I occasionally have a bout of sciatica & your little device really helps with that. It is truly an amazing invention & you deserve a lot of credit. Without it I would have to look for another line of work. Thank you very much. Mac
Mac 3/23/2000
To all those who have made the Sacro Wedgy available. Last August, after experiencing sciatic pain for ten months, I was scheduled for some steroid injections at the Spine Center of the University of Pennsylvania. However, I had seen the Sacro Wedgy on the Internet and sent for it, just grasping at a last straw. After using the Sacro Wedgy for two weeks, I cancelled the injections because my sciatica and hip pain were so much reduced. I recently found the notes I had taken to the orthopedist when scheduling the injection therapy. In my own writing, I had complained: 1) I found it difficult to sit foamy length of time 2) when getting up from a lengthy sitting situation, such as in a restaurant, I could barely straighten up and walk with the pain radiating down my hip and leg. I had forgotten how bad this pain was. Because of it I had seen two chiropractors, an orthopedist, been through two courses of physical therapy and still felt I had to lie down with a heating pad several times a day. When the Sacro Wedgy came in the mail, I thought it was so small that it could never help. Somehow I had expected a big device to help with my big problem. But I consoled myself with the thought that I could fit it in my suitcase for a ten-day trip I was taking. By the end of the trip, I felt like I had a new lower back! I also understood the source of my problem better than after talking to any doctor. I now realize that I have piriformis syndrome, and that when those muscles are tight, or compressed from sitting, my sciatic nerve on my left side gets irritated. Angling the lumbar spine correctly with the help of the Sacro Wedgy and gravity helps relieve that pressure greatly. Now, I am most often without pain. But sometimes, when I forget to use the new upright posture I learned from the Sacro Wedgy, or when I do too much forward bending work, the pain comes back. I then quickly realize it's time for an extra Sacro Wedge break - even 10 minutes helps - in addition to my morning session, which I seldom miss. Within a day or two, I am back to being pain free again. It is such a relief to know that I can do something for myself about this problem that had started to rule my life. I cannot thank you enough for the new lease on life that the Sacro Wedgy has given me. I never even take an aspirin for pain anymore. I know that it is a way of life, and not a panacea, but that's a small price to pay for relief and the joy of taking my back health into my own hands instead of hoping someone else will manipulate the pain into going away. Thank you, thank you. Call me anytime for more praise. Joan Forde, Philadelphia PS: I am too vain to state my age, but my back is now 30 years younger than it was last spring! PPS: A little upper body strengthening helps maintain good posture too as adjunct therapy to the Sacro Wedgy.
Joan Forde 10/24/1999
LUPI GRIMM 10/21/1999
I have been a massage therapist for 10 years, specializing in Oriental techniques. I was first introduced to the Sacro Wedgy several years ago and have since then become totally convinced of the efficacy of this product. I have recommended it to many of my clients who suffer with low back pain, sciatic pain and heel and knee pain, and have received a great deal of positive feedback. As a body worker, I feel it is part of my responsibility to enable by clients to help themselves, and this device does just that. Especially important to me is, the support and ready advice that is always available from the marketers of the Sacro Wedgy. Thank you Cindy! Rob Henly, Pensacola, FL
Rob Henly 10/4/1999
Dear Cindy, Thank you for your courtesy of mailing me a Sacro Wedgy instantly. Our friend here in Sonoma has gained relief from using this product and another friend of his, whom was unable to stand straight for years, is now walking correctly, Enclosed is my check. Cordially, A.E. Putford
A.E. Putford 3/18/1999
Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results I have experienced from using the Sacro Wedgy. I play golf and my back bothers me less now that I use the Wedgy. Thanks for making my life more pleasant because of less back pain.
Dear Cindy, As I told you when you sent me the Wedgy for out trip, I would write when we got home. We spent a great month touring Switzerland, southern Germany, and Austria. Thanks to your thoughtfulness, I had a great trip and used my Wedgy almost daily. We rented a car in Munich and drove everywhere. Those Alps are high, let me tell you, and we walked among some of the prettiest scenery to be seen in the fall in Europe. As you know, living in Tucson, we don't know what altitude is about. All the castles we visited we walked at least 20 minutes to an hour walk in Gods' country. I'm a four mile a day walker but never to the extent we walked on our trip. My husband does not walk as much as I do and we now are both good hikers. Our legs were like rubber and we were plugging up what they call a small hill (neither of us are smokers) and we felt those small hills and at night I looked forward to my relaxation on my Wedgy. Unlike most hotels in North America which are carpeted, theirs are not but it did not slow me down to get the relief my body demanded. If you had not mentioned to take the Wedgy on our trip, I'm sure I would have had a miserable time. Thanks again. We returned to Houston on October 3 after our fairy tale month and my daughter was telling me how her back had been bothering her. She now has a Wedgy (which I had told her about a year ago but something so simple she was sure would not help her bad back). She uses it for 15 minutes a day and swears by it. She has told her friends about her "wonder cure" and says she will loan it to them when she feels she can let it go for one night. Using the Wedgy is the only way to convince people and hopefully you will be hearing from people in the Houston area. Thanks again, Cindy. You not only have saved me a lot grief but also my daughter and hopefully her friends. I have given away all my brochures (send more) and hope you got orders for the greatest little gadget ever. Best Regards, Marilyn
Marilyn Stuart 10/12/1997
OK, here goes, I tried to keep it short. I'm writing this in hopes that you will post this on your web site or somewhere else where many people can read it. About two months ago I was doing heavy squats at the gym. After a day of working legs, my lower back is often tight and painful, and I have often pulled muscles in the lower back. In my own stupidity, I never really did anything about it, and it usually went away. I learned the hard way that this was the WRONG approach. Everything was OK until about two days after my workout, I began to develop sharp pains shooting down my right leg, all the way from by butt to my heel. I knew that this was something more than muscle pain. Against all of my natural instincts, I visited a Chiropractor. They took X-Rays and we learned that my spine had a slight curve towards my right side. As I inquired, "Why" I was told that it could be from any number of things and from many years ago. First of all, I got rid of the waterbed. As I injured the lower back muscle, it could not gain any support and med correctly when sleeping on a waterbed. Second, stretching is imperative. Third adequate rest and diet are also essential in back management. The injury or "symptom" I had was diagnosed as Sciatica, Piriformis and was definitely the culmination of "however many years" of back neglect and mismanagement. They crunched me up a couple of times and set my back straight. I see them now maybe once or twice a month, and YES Chiropractor does work. In my search to find out more about this injury, what I could do to strengthen my back, and to prevent another relapse, a web search with the keyword "sciatica" brought me to an index where the Sacro Wedgy® was listed. I read the information on the site, decided to buy a Sacro Wedgy® and thought to myself," Yeah right, this thing is going to work. I can't wait to e-mail them and tell them how stupid their product is." Well, guess what? It's not stupid, It's great. I'm not saying that the Sacro Wedgy® cured me, but I know it helped in conjunction with other things -like back strengthening exercises and a better bed. The instructions that are provided with the Sacro Wedgy® say that it might be uncomfortable for a little while, but this discomfort lasted about 30 seconds for me, then the "cradle" kicked in. WOW The feeling was unbelievable. You start to really feel it when you CONCENTRATE on relaxing the lower back. The instructions also say that you can build up to 20minutes on it. Build up to 20minutes? I watched the whole game 5 of the Knicks vs Heat series on that thing and have had several naps on it too! Occasionally, I have woken up "pain-free." What an improvement my back has made. Again, I'm not saying that the Sacro Wedgy® was the key to my cure, but I know it was a vital element. I urge you to try it. I don't work for, or are in any way affiliated with the Sacro Wedgy® people, nor do I know anyone who is. All I know is, when there was a problem with my credit card, Cindy Ballis (hope I spelled it right) at customer service (1-800-737-9295 ext.12) was more than helpful in resolving the issue. She was a charm to speak to and answered all my questions succinctly. My hat's off to the Sacro Wedgy® Cheers, J. Bentley
J. Bentley 8/14/1997

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