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01.The Female Sacro Wedgy
02.The Male Sacro Wedgy
03.The Neck Support
04.Extra Foam Lift 1in
05.Male/Female Combo Pack
06.Extra Foam Lift 3/4in
07.Still Point Inducer
08.Sacro Wedgy Complete System - 1 Male/1 Female/1 neck support
09.Hand Held Index Knobber
10.Heat Resistant Travel Pouch
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Just 10-20 minutes a day and for many it's worked when all else has failed!!

If you have any questions or would like to talk with one of us personally, please call:

1-800-737-9295 ext.12
or 1-251-653-9258

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

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Thomas Edison

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Welcome to the Sacro Wedgy Home Page--your first step towards a healthy over-all balance. Try something simple first. It may be all you need. Only $33.95!! Relax your back pain away by Ordering yours today (we personally answer calls during business hours).
1-800-737-9295 or 1-251-653-9258 .

Problem Solving

Problem - The Sacro Wedgy hurts like hell.

Solution - This is very common and can be caused by a variety of situations mostly because of resistance of very "out of balance" muscles. Start very slowly by using no elevation pad under the Wedgy or placing the elevation pad on top of the Wedgy to create a cushion. Proper placement is the most awkward stage and ½ inch can make a difference. In the beginning of placement procedure keep knees bent and raise hips to move the Wedgy slightly towards the waist, drop down to see if the fit is there. If not raise hips, move Wedgy toward feet, drop down again to feel the curve of the "tailbone" match the curve of the Wedgy. Also, it's important to do a few pelvic tilts before standing.

Problem - Using with no results

Solution - For some the "relaxing" part is the hardest part. One lady said she could not balance on the Wedgy. This is an indication of her trying to hold on or stay tense. It would be like lying on the floor and trying to balance. The Sacro Wedgy is holding the sacrum "neutral" and as one man told himself, "I had to learn how to melt around the Wedgy". In order for gravity to combine with body weight to create a natural traction you have to relax and let that process happen - relax through the pain. Keep it simple - relaxation should not be painful. If it is that should be an indication of just how "out of whack" you really are. Some actually need a higher elevation for more release. Also, there's no way to put a time limit for results.

Problem - It hurts to straighten out my legs.

Solution - Don't. In some cases such as stenosis you really can't straighten out. Eventually you want to try to straighten one leg at a time because continued bent legs will slowly shorten muscles or change the muscle memory. If you have to keep knees bent put one or two pillows under your knees. If you try to hold them bent you are using muscles to do that. The whole idea is to have no muscles engaged so that the body is totally relaxed.

Problem - I can't get the Wedgy to fit, feels like it's digging in.

Solution - It could be the placement again - ½ inch can make a difference; some women are more narrow in the pelvic area and will need the male version. If it feels like you are sitting on top of the Wedgy and it's too short - we will exchange the female for the male. Remember - this is a small family business and we want this to work for you. We've all used the Wedgy ourselves for years as well as trained a variety of professionals for self care and rehab.

Problem - It hurts to sit on the Sacro Wedgy®

Solution - You need to try sitting without the elevation pad. It's common, since you use the pad lying, to try using it with the pad sitting. Most are fine with just the Wedgy and no elevation pad. Some like to put the pad on top to create a cushion and others are trying to slump and slouch. That's the whole idea. Keep the posture upright and in most cases, place a phone book or small box under your feet to raise the knees.


Before ordering, please take a few minutes to browse the web site. Read the testimonials of satisfied users questions you may ask and consider the information we think is essential for you to know. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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