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01.Vitalyte Electrolyte replacement Drink - 1 bag makes 5 gal
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Vitalyte Sports Drink

The Vitalyte Solution® is a scientifically designed system that marries the three main principles in electrolyte replacement, creating the perfect hydration system for any body. Our formula replenishes, energizes and revitalizes, all while maintaining the ideal electrolyte balance for achieving optimal hydration.

The Vitalyte Solution® : Replenishing + Energizing + Revitalizing = Perfect Hydration

Principle 1: Replenish – Sodium/Potassium Ratios vary in many commercial sports drinks. Excessive sodium can cause hypertension and hypernutremia, especially as blood volume decreases with dehydration. Vitalyte® has been scientifically formulated with the correct ratio of sodium and potassium to allow for maximum absorption. Commercial sports drinks range in ratios from 20:1 to 200:1, larger ratios tax the kidneys and slows down absorption. Vitalyte®, on the other hand boasts a 1.5:1 sodium/potassium ratio, which we believe to be the perfect blend for the body. Potassium is crucial in smooth muscle contraction. That’s why people tell you to eat a banana if you’re cramping. Too much sodium and the body can’t absorb the necessary amount of potassium to keep heart and muscle function running at optimal levels. So when reaching for a sports drink, drink Vitalyte which has the perfect amounts of both.

Principle 2: Energize – The human body breaks down food into a usable fuel source called glucose. Vitalyte’s majority based glucose formula takes the processing of other bad sugars like high fructose corn syrup out of the equation. Our glucose formula creates an isotonic, free moving environment in which essential electrolytes pass freely from the stomach to the cells without processing through the liver and kidneys. The perfect marriage of glucose and sodium give Vitalyte an absorption rate faster than any other sports drink on the market, including water. This means that more goes into the body and less gets excreted through the kidneys. All sugars must be broken down into a fuel source that the body can use, Vitalyte utilizes one of the basic building blocks of life to create a fast effective formula unequaled in the marketplace today. Regardless of the sugar base, the body must convert it to glucose before it can be catalyzed as energy.

Principle 3: Revitalize – There was no sense in meddling with Mother Nature. She holds the formula on electrolyte balance and all Vitalyte did was take her lead. With no unnecessary sugars, no empty calories, no artificial coloring, and no preservatives we have formulated the perfect solution to revitalize the body. An all-natural, honest electrolyte replacement drink that literally mimics the blood’s concentration. And because of it’s a perfect match, Vitalyte is assimilated into the blood stream quickly and has since earned an insider reputation as an “oral IV.” Common sense and science have joined forces to deliver an all-natural, pure, optimum hydration solution based on a back-to-basics approach. Now that’s refreshing.

1+2+3 = Perfect Hydration Balance: Our scientifically formulated solution has stood the test of time in a market place filled with ever changing options. The combination of our pure, all-natural glucose based formula and the correct/ideal sodium-potassium ratios, married with great taste, equal a drink formulated for life…all of it. For over 40 years this proven, unique formula has become the perfect source of electrolyte replacement for people from all walks of life. And, most importantly 'it works'. It's not a secret anymore, the Vitalyte Solution is the best electrolyte replacement drink on the market. Choice is easy when there is no competition.

Welcome to the world of Vitalyte™.

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   Vitalyte Electrolyte replacement Drink - 1 bag makes 5 gal  Vitalyte Electrolyte replacement Drink - 1 bag makes 5 gal   $18.95  Buy Now 
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