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01.The Female Sacro Wedgy
02.The Male Sacro Wedgy
03.The Neck Support
04.Extra Foam Lift 1in
05.Male/Female Combo Pack
06.Extra Foam Lift 3/4in
07.Still Point Inducer
08.Sacro Wedgy Complete System - 1 Male/1 Female/1 neck support
09.Hand Held Index Knobber
10.Heat Resistant Travel Pouch
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Just 10-20 minutes a day and for many it's worked when all else has failed!!

If you have any questions or would like to talk with one of us personally, please call:

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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

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Thomas Edison

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Welcome to the Sacro Wedgy Home Page--your first step towards a healthy over-all balance. Try something simple first. It may be all you need. Only $33.95!! Relax your back pain away by Ordering yours today (we personally answer calls during business hours).
1-800-737-9295 or 1-251-653-9258 .

Symptoms and Conditions


can sometimes be caused by a muscle imbalance. There are hundreds of other reasons to have pain in this region but the Sacro Wedgy® helps the muscles relax and create balance and in
turn helps control a variety of symptoms. For instance if the psoas muscle is too strong on one side of the lower back it will torque and pull in the spinal column since it is attached to the spine. The psoas muscle starts in the back at the 12th thoracic, crosses the pelvis and inserts in the front of the thigh. Once you walk off balance and favor one side, a snowball or domino effect occurs and creates other symptoms. By relaxing on the Sacro Wedgy®
with the sacrum elevated and hips free to drop and relax, the psoas now has a chance to relax, rebalance and release using gravity and your body weight. A tight muscle isn't going to relax until it has somewhere to go. The Sacro Wedgy® placed under the sacrum, combined with proper neck support, provides this space allowing balance to occur. Better muscle balance and better posture can mean fewer problems. It's easier to prevent a problem than to get rid of it!

KNEE PAIN —The longest muscle in the body is the sartorius muscle. It starts at the top or crest of the hip, travels across the front of the thigh, which is the largest part of the muscle, then inserts on the inside of the leg about 2" below the knee. This is the weakest part of the sartarious and it stands to reason that if the hip is tight and higher, you're going to experience a pull in the knee. Hit the trigger point below the knee on the inside of the leg and see if there is a "hot spot". Relax on the Sacro Wedgy® for a while, give the hips a chance to really relax then, hit that spot again. There are other muscles that originate in the hips and insert below the knee - ilio-tibial (IT Band) down the side and the gracilis traveling from the coccyx into the back of the knee). It's no wonder that so many people have knee pain. Because the body is so connected from top to bottom, the Sacro Wedgy®, when combined with proper neck support, has helped relieve or correct a wide variety of symptoms. It's not uncommon to help recover faster from whip-lash, neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, old football injuries, runners and athletes tight hamstrings and more. Therapists are working with everything from palsy, paralysis, MS, Parkinson and any muscle related symptoms. The pelvic girdle is the center of our body and with all the various "pathways" traveling from the top to the bottom of our body, it's only natural that we function better, have better posture when the body is balanced and relaxed.

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